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Mobile Redirects
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Feb 28, 2018 02:19:19   #
Jessica-Jean (a regular here)
Altice wrote:
Because I saw his topics and posts and knew 2 of his names and a person in a thread posted the 3rd name. And when I searched for the 3rd name, a 4th name that is similar is listed there. He says the same things and posts lewd comments and porn so I now have all 4 names on Ignore. Those 4 users joined recently within 4 days. He messaged me today under one of the latter names and the date said Feb 15, but it showed up in my inbox and email today. I didnt read it but contacted Admin. There is another thread talking about messages saying they were sent weeks ago, but they are just getting them now. Pretty weird stuff going on here. And no I'm not the Troll. lol

The thread about the messaging is here:
Because I saw his topics and posts and knew 2 of h... (show quote)
I didn't really think you were the troll. I just didn't think the four porn-posting users were all the same person. I also put them on my ignore list. They'll remain there until/unless Admin zeroes out their posts. Porn has its place; KP is not it. I'm surprised that one of them decided to send you a PM. Yes, that falls under weird.
Feb 28, 2018 02:56:59   #
trout23 (a regular here)
modgejj wrote:
I was getting those pop up ads almost every time I went on this site and one other. Only happened on IPhone and IPad. Was talking with apple support and was told there was a new IOS update. Since doing that update I have not had ads on IPhone at all - It has been five days.

This is my experience also.
Feb 28, 2018 04:52:29   #
For ref, I ran the Kapersky anti virus free app on my phone and haven't had the pop up since.
Feb 28, 2018 05:24:37   #
bokemom (a regular here)
And again, I notice everytime it pops up it is showing a different URL. Apple iPhone 8+ version 11.2.5

Feb 28, 2018 06:07:41   #
NRoberts (a regular here)
I am so-oo-oo glad to see you back, Admin.
Feb 28, 2018 06:15:50   #
There is a small blue arrow in the lower right. Touch that and it will remove the ad. You might have to do this twice. This happens only on my phone. It is very annoying! I just did an update on my apple 7s...but I just saw another one of these yesterday.
Feb 28, 2018 06:33:48   #
I’m still on 11.2.5. Auto install set for 11.2.6 for tonight. But those amazon ads are still driving me crazy.
Feb 28, 2018 06:53:11   #
Just started up again. Same Amazon congratulations. “Arewardfortop” was the url. iPhone with latest update. Glad Admin is here! I had given up reporting any issue because nothing was happening. Note: no small blue arrow as mentioned above. Only recourse is leaving KP and coming back in.

ETA: iphone6. Get this only on KP. So far this morning getting enough to drive me nuts. Well, maybe I’m already there. 😋
Feb 28, 2018 07:01:32   #
KroSha (a regular here)
Whatever you do, don't click in the body of the ads, or click to play any of the games - - don't even click a typical "X" that looks like you want to close the window, or a "No Thanks" or "Remind Me Later" - - NOTHING - - they are all designed to look innocent enough, but they can often be "piggy-backing" mal-ware, viruses, etc etc, which can be uploaded into your device.
Feb 28, 2018 07:07:05   #
Admin wrote:
Hello all, I am working with my ad-providers to correct the recent string of Amazon redirects. I do need your help to narrow down which providers. Please reply here when you get the redirects with the address they point you to as well as your device you're using and what version it is on (IOS 10 for example) That way I can track them down and block them. Unfortunately this isn't a local problem and many sites are getting similar issues.

Thank you

Using IphoneX IOS 11.2.6 Carrier AT&T. I get the Amazon pop ups on Iphone but not my Mac. It happens pretty quickly after opening KP and happened when I opened this thread on my iPhone.

Feb 28, 2018 07:10:24   #
I am using an iPad with iOS 11.2.6 and using the Safari browser with popup blocking turned on. I am redirected to . The only way I was able to make it stop was to use another browser.
Feb 28, 2018 07:21:44   #
Today is the first day I have not gotten the amazon pop up. Thank you, thank you. So glad you are back. Please don’t leave us again. 😊. So much you need to straighten out here. Welcome back.
Feb 28, 2018 07:24:08   #
Rita Gaudiello wrote:
I am using Apple iPhone 6s. IOS is 11.2.6. Attached is a pic of pop up. Thank you for dealing with issue. I love all the info on KP but the pop up was appearing every 10-15 seconds, making it very difficult to use this site.

My problem is same as above. I am using an IPad Mini. It is new.

So happy to see Admin is back!
Feb 28, 2018 07:38:20   #
Hippechik" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" style="word-wrap:break-word;">
Feb 28, 2018 07:39:28   #
Immediately after I wrote my post on this thread, that "ad" popped up. Have switched to my laptop - where I can't remember ever having this problem.. If I do, I will be sure to alert Admin.

Again - happy to see you back!
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