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Mobile Redirects
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Feb 28, 2018 07:58:34   #
Hi, this is the pop up ad that is so annoying to most. The only way to get rid of it is to reopen KP.
I have an iPhone X and am running the latest IOS.

Feb 28, 2018 08:00:24   #
Thank you -- the worst one I have is from a scam Amazon gift card. I have blocked websites - but they have a different one each time -- one thing in common is they are all .top
I have purchased two ad blockers - both full paid versions - but they seem to have problems getting rid of that annoying Amazon one. It only comes up on the KP site. I get it on my Windows PC -- on by Iphone and Ipad -- running the latest version if ISO --I think it maybe 11.02 -- it always updates to most recent.

Appreciate your work on this -- the only way around is to shut down the page - delete the record and reopen.

Seems better now - but got one on by Ipad first thing this morning - so moved to PC.

I am in Ohio - USA (although traveling on road this week so using mobile WI Fi)
Feb 28, 2018 08:14:28   #
Wroclawnice (a regular here)
Welcone back Administration. I am getting a pop up I am on iPhone 6plus it is annoying. Thank you for taking care of this.
Feb 28, 2018 08:16:08   #
Hello,, Admin

I got 5. Amazon pop ups on IPad Pro 9 running 11.2.6. ...looks like the ad is coming from

Thank you for working on it.
Feb 28, 2018 08:18:44   #
yooperdooper (a regular here)
I keep getting a pop up ad about chrons disease. I'm using windows 10 on my computer.
Feb 28, 2018 08:19:43   #
So glad to see something is being done. I have been getting the Amazon pop up so consistently and persistently for the past week that I had decided I was reluctantly and sadly giving up KP. In a moment of weakness I decided just to "peek" this morning and saw the Admin note at the top of Newest Topics. Very glad I do not have to give up my favorite knitting forum. Thank you.
Feb 28, 2018 08:21:49   #
My situation is same as above! I have the iPhone6 w/iOS 11.2.6 and IPad Pro w/iOS 11.2.6. So far since I got here less than five minutes ago I had 5 pop up before seen this page. Hope this problem gets resolved quickly!
Feb 28, 2018 08:28:58   #
So glad you’re back, hopefully thing will get back to normal. 😀 I use ISO 11.2.6., on my iPad.
Smiling hope things work out
Feb 28, 2018 08:33:20   #
I just got the pop up twice. Right now. It has been making it impossible to use the site. I am using the latest software on an I pad. I have gotten the two versions shown above.
Great site, but you guys need to do your job. I was ready to leave and am still waiting to see what happens. Not only with the pop ups but the level of civility. You need to monitor what is going on!
Feb 28, 2018 08:34:28   #
Ladyj960 (a regular here)
Thank you, will let you know, if they pop up again. I did download an ad blocker that seems to have helped.
Feb 28, 2018 08:47:02   #
I got one see the screen shot. I am using an IPad iOS 11.2.5
I have also downloaded and use an app called Never Ads (it’s free in the App Store). This app helped eliminate all these Amazon pop ups. However it also interferes with other things when using Safari. So I have to remember to switch it on when I go to KP, and switch it off when I’m done on this site. Almost forgot. It directs me to a site. Had to turn Never Ad back on as I got the pop up 3 times while trying to write this.
Thanks so very much for your attention to this most annoying issue.

Feb 28, 2018 08:48:38   #
Admin wrote:
Hello all, I am working with my ad-providers to correct the recent string of Amazon redirects. I do need your help to narrow down which providers. Please reply here when you get the redirects with the address they point you to as well as your device you're using and what version it is on (IOS 10 for example) That way I can track them down and block them. Unfortunately this isn't a local problem and many sites are getting similar issues.

Thank you

I just got the Amazon ad again on my iPad mini, iOS 11.2.6." rel="nofollow" target="_blank" style="word-wrap:break-word;">
Feb 28, 2018 08:52:45   #
The bad thing is they are not even from Amazon! They use the Amazon name to get people to open it. It ends up being some long complicated 'survey' that ends with trying to con you into buying or signing up for items or services you don't want with the promise of receiving this wonderful gift card or whatever! Yes, several years ago, I did fall for it and found out what it was all about. I still get the popups on different websites, but not on KP - yet! A good virus scan on your device helps since it is like malware. They make one that cleans your computer of anything that has attached itself to your internet browser, I guess. I'm not sure, but it seems to work. I have to use it when the popups get bad.
Feb 28, 2018 08:53:43   #
Karen Opal wrote:
I am using OS11.2.6 on my iPad. The url is from

Sometimes I will get the pop up 4-5 times within a few minutes. I have my pop up blocker activated. I have to just leave the site and come back later...sometimes that works.

Thank you for trying to solve the problem!

Same situation for me. Sure hope you can remedy this.
Feb 28, 2018 09:02:36   #
Thanks for getting on top of this. I’m having the same problem on my iPhone 8 - OS 11.2.6
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