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Mar 1, 2018 10:37:05   #
jmcret05 (a regular here)
K2P2 knitter wrote:
What bothers me is the FBI is investigating the NRA because they took money from Russia then gave it to t rump's campaign.

Why does that bother you. The investigation has and is about whether Russia intentionally invested money, and lots of effort to meddle in our 'free' election. The NRA poured $50.2 million, or 96 percent of its total outside spending into the 2016 campaign.

Do you believe that ANY organization, corporation, billionaire, etc. should be able to literally 'buy' any elected official to advance THEIR agenda, over any other? Do you believe that those who have well-paid attorneys should have an advantage in a court case?

If other countries, or any organization with the most money can control our election, they can control our future. We are not ruled by a dictator, or someone who has been put in power by either force or influence. I want to know that even though it is only one vote, that it counts for something and that it cannot be bought by the NRA, the Koch brothers, or Russia. That Russia would spend millions to have people send millions of fake messages through social media to push lies is just wrong. The FBI investigating is to show if the NRA 'knowingly' accepted monies for the purpose of influencing the election.

Would you feel the same if Russia had given the DNC millions to invest in Clinton? Either is wrong. It is against the law for campaigns to accept money from foreign entities.
Mar 1, 2018 10:39:57   #
jmcret05 (a regular here)
K2P2 knitter wrote:
Why is it such a big deal if something is posted in the wrong section? Is KP going to implode if the topic isn't moved?

Mine was a response to someone else, in addition to your response. I really don't care where it is posted. Just stating the facts.
Mar 1, 2018 21:44:42   #
lassiegirl wrote:
I am a responsible gun owner, I go to training, I pay $100.00 every two years for a concealed carry license. I refuse to be a victim, do you honestly think that all the bad guys are going to go through the right process, this is what pisses me off so much about people branding law abiding people, and by the way, it is called my 2nd Amendment.

A victim if what? Have you ever had to use it? Do you know how easy it is for a strong male to disarm you?
Mar 1, 2018 22:52:01   #
Sad to say, yes I have used it, and I don't allow someone to get close enough to disarm me, that is part of having a weapon
Mar 3, 2018 21:51:21   #
I apologize to all for putting my feelings about the NRA in the "Main" category. I guess a better place would have been " General Chit Chat ". I will be more aware of where the proper place is to voice an opinion next time.
Mar 4, 2018 00:07:13   #
Does it really matter so much as to where this was posted, the good thing is that it can be discussed and people can have different opinions and that is all ok. All the talk of who is leaving and where things are posted shows me that some people have too much idle time on their hands, come on lighten up, I enjoy KP and all the fellowship, learning and beautiful pictures, there are really neat people here,
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