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Mitered afghans
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Apr 14, 2018 17:15:54   #
Rowesmary (a regular here)
By Eileen Montgomery. My first attempt has a crocheted border and is a little off kilter because I didn't balance my weights well. I scrunched it up so it would fit the page. The second is weighted better and I used Carole Wurst's border. The ruffle is an unexpected "design element" caused by picking up the wrong first stitch (the one at the base of the previous stitch). I almost frogged but decided I rather liked it. I will do it right next time so I can decide which I like best. Both will be delivered to my Blanket Club for charity.

Apr 14, 2018 18:48:56   #
Beachgirl1000 (a regular here)
Very nice, both of them! The design is very striking, and I really like it, in black and white as well as beige. The crocheted edging on the beige one is especially nice. Thanks for sharing!
Apr 14, 2018 19:07:25   #
redquilter (a regular here)
Beautiful work
Apr 14, 2018 21:12:55   #
I like them both!
Apr 14, 2018 21:50:00   #
Top Tier Knits
Both are lovely.
Apr 15, 2018 06:22:29   #
kathycapp (a regular here)
Both are terrific and will sure be treasured.
Apr 15, 2018 07:09:23   #
I like both of them, but I especially like your accidental border. Great knits.
Apr 15, 2018 08:05:23   #
mlab (a regular here)
Both are really beautiful!
Apr 15, 2018 08:35:04   #
slmhuffman wrote:
I like both of them, but I especially like your accidental border. Great knits.

Ditto from me!
Apr 15, 2018 09:09:23   #
Rowesmary (a regular here)
Actually the bottom one is a pretty gray.
Apr 15, 2018 11:39:51   #
Apr 15, 2018 12:02:25   #
Both are fantastic.
Apr 15, 2018 12:06:19   #
Love the pattern.
Apr 15, 2018 13:30:20   #
riversong200 (a regular here)
Those are great! Love the brown/white one.
Apr 15, 2018 19:17:49   #
Rowesmary (a regular here)
This should have been in Machine Knits and I don’t know how to change it.
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