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New User of CARON BIG Cakes - Should Have Known to Watch for This?
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May 16, 2018 07:45:21   #
Good Morning, KP Friends! I just finished a simple shawl using a single CARON Big Cake. I liked the mild asymmetry of this pattern and the self-striping feature. What I didn't plan for was finding a factory-placed knot in the dark grey section of yarn. I cut it out and re-joined the yarn at the piece's edge, but - as you see - it resulted in a "wrong-side" row showing up on the right side. As I was knitting along (garter stitch) I really wasn't paying attention to RS/WS. Didn't even really notice this until I was done! This will be a gift and I hope the recipient appreciates this as a design detail. Certainly too late to take out and re-do, nor would I want to. This would not have been as evident if color change was more gradual (as where honey color merges into brown) - this was darkest color of the cake transitioning into lightest color of the cake. I will watch for this in the future. Karen

May 16, 2018 07:48:10   #
Jessica-Jean (a regular here)
Umm ... The maker always sees faults where no one else does. It's perfect as is; don't sweat it!
May 16, 2018 07:55:48   #
Trekkiebigtime (a regular here)
I don't find the small knots in the yarn that noticeable and therefore don't worry about it. In socks, I might but that little knot doesn't affect my knitting and crocheting. It is beautiful as it is and if it is a gift, I am sure the person receiving it, will not even notice what you see.
May 16, 2018 07:56:14   #
It's beautiful, sure the recipient will love it.
May 16, 2018 08:00:13   #
I am sure your friend will love this. It is well done and like a hug from you to her every time she wears it.
May 16, 2018 08:00:51   #
NRoberts (a regular here)
That's unavoidable with garter stitch. I think it looks fine.
May 16, 2018 08:03:50   #
Beautiful shawl! May I ask what pattern you used?
May 16, 2018 08:05:06   #
Munchn (a regular here)
It is still a lovely piece of knitting.
May 16, 2018 08:06:41   #
Retired in FL
Beautiful. Anyone would be pleased to receive it as a gift and wear it proudly.
May 16, 2018 08:07:33   #
JlsH (a regular here)
It is beautiful and the recipient is very lucky!
May 16, 2018 08:08:41   #
kittykatzmom (a regular here)
Be sure to contact Caron. They need to know about this. Beautiful, but I see what you mean.
May 16, 2018 08:10:21   #
Metrogal (a regular here)
It's beautiful. Trust me. The recipient will be so happy they'll never notice.
May 16, 2018 08:10:43   #
Very pretty! I use a variety of brands of cakes and have been lucky when it comes to knots. Really, though, the only reason it stands out to YOU is because you know that is where the knot came into play, also the contrast of colors there. A non knitter will think it is the way it should be
May 16, 2018 08:17:55   #
It's very pretty! I don't think anyone else would see that as a problem, it just looks like little flecks of darker color in the white, like you wanted it that way.
May 16, 2018 08:22:08   #
You could tell her that is your signature.
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