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General Chit-Chat (non-knitting talk)
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Jul 3, 2018 13:59:14   #
I had a womb procedure today, and I have to wear those white operation socks for 6 weeks changing them every day. I think by the time it will take to put them onm it will be time to change them again, and I will have to wear them all summer. Love Margaret.
Jul 3, 2018 14:03:33   #
bevvyreay (a regular here)
I feel your pain Iā€™m facing the same in a few weeks even worse I might only get one pair!!! How on Earth is that going to work? Groupon had some pressure socks with zips up the side. I wonder if you could get them on amazon. Good luck and maybe lots of talc šŸ˜Š
Jul 3, 2018 14:03:33   #
Candycounter1 (a regular here)
Was it a wound procedure on your legs?šŸ¤·šŸ¼ā€ā™€ļø
Jul 3, 2018 14:07:23   #
Candycounter1 wrote:
Was it a wound procedure on your legs?šŸ¤·šŸ¼ā€ā™€ļø

You have to wear those stockings after any procedure now. It helps to stop blood clots, so lessening the chance of a stroke.
Jul 3, 2018 14:11:05   #
Rosette (a regular here)
My husband wore dark green socks. He was given three pairs but they were very difficult to put on.
Jul 3, 2018 14:15:15   #
Nina Weddle Tullis (a regular here)
They are a little hard to put on so I consider them part of my exercise for the day. Good luck with your procedure and practice putting the socks on before having the procedure
Jul 3, 2018 14:16:29   #
justinjared (a regular here)
Rubber kitchen gloves helps put them on.
Jul 3, 2018 14:17:47   #
RosieC (a regular here)
Yes, they are difficult to put on and take off, but they do what they are intended to do, and that's important. My husband had to wear them and the time went by quickly for him.
Jul 3, 2018 14:47:31   #
plumhurricane (a regular here)
If you cover your legs with talc or lotion it helps them slide on
Jul 3, 2018 14:47:34   #
I know the feeling, it's a real struggle getting them on and you feel like you've had a workout!
Jul 3, 2018 14:48:03   #
nanad (a regular here)
I have not had to wear them myself but my friend does and she when I asked her one time how do you put them on they look so tight and she said"if you first rub your leg with baby powder and also powder the socks they go on so much easier". Thought this might help.
Jul 3, 2018 14:50:47   #
Google - video " how to put on compression socks." There are several good instructional videos. I hope this helps.
Jul 3, 2018 14:53:35   #
I will have to wait for 6 weeks to get results of the biopsy, by that time I will have finish wearing the socks. The calf on my leg measures 44 cms and the socks measure about 16cms at the calf before stretching, so you see the problem
Jul 3, 2018 14:59:34   #
GardenGirl (a regular here)
It also helps if you put them on before you get up in the morning. In other words, flip the blankets to the side and put those things on while on your back in bed! Something I was told to do every hour while I was lounging around with my legs elevated (after knee surgery) was to do "paddle feet." This was briskly moving feet back and forth for a couple of minutes. This uses the muscles to stimulate circulation in the legs and also helps reduce the chance for blood clots. Ask your doctor first!
Jul 3, 2018 15:03:09   #
I think that would be easier that what the hospital suggested they said if you put the plastic bag they come in over your foot the socks slide over it, but that does not help get it up to the knee. Maybe they will slacken off after they have been washed and worn a few times or a lot of times well I won't be wearing skirts this summer.
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General Chit-Chat (non-knitting talk)
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