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Pattern Requests
Disney The Lion King characters
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Oct 3, 2018 15:48:03   #
Do any of you wonderful founts of knowledge know where I can obtain any knitting patterns for Disney's Lion King
characters. My grandson is crazy about this film.
Oct 3, 2018 15:50:27   #
knit4ES (a regular here)
Disney carefully manages their copyrighted characters. Any patterns would be paid patterns, most likely.
Have you done a browser search for them?
Oct 3, 2018 16:04:08   #
Thanks for the suggestion. I have unfortunately spent the last few hours looking unsuccessfully. I don't mind paying for them if I can source them.
Oct 3, 2018 16:08:56   #
rainie (a regular here)
Toys, chothes or charts??
Charts -
Oct 3, 2018 16:27:29   #
Judy M (a regular here)
Character? Character on Sweater or blanket?
Oct 4, 2018 12:19:27   #
try Leisure arts first they seem to release a lot of disney patterns, if they are crochet (sc)you can simply translate for knitting by knitting a stitch as they are the same height
Tonda USA
Pattern Requests
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