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Nov 7, 2018 10:31:27   #
shepherd (a regular here)
I am putting this here because I want to reach everyone I can.
I have gained so much from being a member of this group. There are a lot of complaints about some things, but for me they are totally outweighed by the positive things that go on here. You have access to an amazing group of people from all over the world. If you have a problem with your handcraft, the answer is here in 5 minutes - no search through the web is so fast. If you have something funny, pretty, exciting to share you can do that no matter what the size of your personal circle of friends. If you are sad or in trouble in any way there are people who only know you by your "name" here but are quickly willing to step up and give you the support you need, and at a moment's notice - no waiting! And if you have strong political views you can find someone to pat you on the back and agree with you (we all need that)(but you must be sure to use the right section ;-)!

In many ways I am isolated - geographically (on a farm), age-wise ( few my age relate to my interests), personal choice, a fault of mine (honestly I usually find sedentary people boring - but here they can express all their wonderful thoughts, suggestions, experiences, that I would miss by not being willing to sit and listen when I want to be out DOING). I am sure that by my own prejudices I would miss out on having great people in my life who share their lives here. If I met them elsewhere I would be depriving myself of a lot of wonderful relationships.

I treasure you all and thank you for being who you are and sharing that with me every morning. You are my life-line.
Nov 7, 2018 10:36:19   #
knitnanny (a regular here)
I feel the same way and appreciate your lovely comments!
Nov 7, 2018 10:37:02   #
nannygoat (a regular here)
I feel the same way as you do. There are so many helpful people on this site that answer questions in such a short period of time which is so helpful. I love reading my daily mail and catching up on most things. Have a beautiful day Shepherd!
Nov 7, 2018 10:38:04   #
Thank you for your great comments. I, too, love it here. It has it's down side, which is greatly outweighed by it's positive side.
Nov 7, 2018 10:39:52   #
So well said and right back to you! We enjoy you as well. I agree, isn't it wonderful how this site works. There are times when I'm busy and can't take time to go out and socialize but can jump on this site for 20-30 minutes and socialize. And the help given and sharing on here is just wonderful. Not to mention how much we learn from each other.
Nov 7, 2018 10:41:00   #
THANK YOU! Everyone appreciates positive feedback. I know you have been going thru some bad time with the death of your animals and the missionaries that are staying with you have had troubling thoughts about their uncertain future but our thoughts and prayers have been with your household. Hugs and kudos to you for staying positive.
Nov 7, 2018 10:42:34   #
BethKlinger (a regular here)
Here, here! (raising my cup) 👌 A very nice read this morning.
Nov 7, 2018 10:47:41   #
Ditto !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 7, 2018 10:48:12   #
I love it here too. It's my first go to place in the morning. I've found so many helpful tips and great ideas to save. Still have to share pictures of my projects sometime.
Nov 7, 2018 10:59:42   #
Ditto. I agree. Thanks for posting. I enjoy seeing everyone's creations, learning about different areas of the world, and the daily postings that add smiles to my day.
Nov 7, 2018 11:01:24   #
Ev Shore
You are so right.
Nov 7, 2018 11:04:22   #
charbaby (a regular here)
I agree wholeheartedly! Thank you for posting such wonderful sentiments that so many KPers share, even if we don't always post them. God bless you in your doings!
Nov 7, 2018 11:04:38   #
gerrity1 (a regular here)
We have a caring group of kindred spirits here.
Nov 7, 2018 11:05:16   #
Cheryl Jaeger (a regular here)
I have found the Knitting paradise group the most sharing people I have ever met.
Nov 7, 2018 11:05:29   #
everyone needs a shoulder to cry on once in a matter what the circumstances....
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