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Take THAT, Miss Fison...
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Nov 8, 2018 08:23:12   #
impatient knitter (a regular here)
It took me 17 attempts (that's seventeen, people!) of knitting the toes on these socks, then ripping them back to just past the heels, and I wasn't doing it because I wanted to match the stripes! They did that all by themselves! Either my stitch count was off, or I'd drop a stitch--or may 3 or 4--or one sock was larger than the other, etc. I don't know why these socks were such a PIA, but I was bound and determined I wasn't going to let Miss Fison win again!! (Miss Fison was my Jr High teacher who wrote on my transcript to High School, "Gloria is a quitter. She never finishes anything she starts." I'm allowing that to affect what I do some 60+ years later?!?)

HA on you Miss F! I finished these socks--even though they took me 2-3 times as long to knit as any other pair I've made. They are a Christmas gift for one of my BILs, but he's coming in from the West Coast for Thanksgiving, so I just might give them to him then. I'm terrible when it comes to gift giving--I just can't seem to wait until the occasion. Maybe that's why I wait until the last minute to do any gift shopping!!

Anyway, here are the socks from hell:

Nov 8, 2018 08:27:55   #
dunnville89 (a regular here)
Miss Fison could have said something positive about you. Her comment seems harsh. I commend you on your "sticktoitiveness" as my mother called it. The socks are perfect.
Nov 8, 2018 08:28:59   #
barbaralbb2119 (a regular here)
Well done and they look great. Your BIL will be very lucky to receive such a handsome gift..... take that, Miss Fison!🎉😂
Nov 8, 2018 08:29:03   #
tygereye (a regular here)
I am not yet brave enough to try doing socks. Perhaps because they are so challenging from the brave souls who do knit them! Love the colors of these great job.
Nov 8, 2018 08:30:59   #
tmvasquez (a regular here)
Good for you. The socks are very nice. I’m sure your BIL will love them.
Nov 8, 2018 08:31:43   #
yooperdooper (a regular here)
You have great determination and stamina. Your BIL will love his socks.
Nov 8, 2018 08:32:53   #
sheherazade (a regular here)
Loved your story! Socks may have been a struggle but they look mighty fine.
Nov 8, 2018 08:38:35   #
The ONLY way I can be certain that both mittens are identical is to have both mitts on the needles at the same time with two separate balls of yarn: Whatever I do on one working across I automatically do it to the other. I've never done socks, but I'd think if you used circular needles it would be possible.
Nov 8, 2018 08:39:06   #
katanamama (a regular here)
Congratulations on your success, your socks are terrific!

I chuckled as soon as I started reading your post then applauded your never give up attitude.

Great color of yarn too, what did you use?
Nov 8, 2018 08:41:53   #
Outstanding work! My first inclination is to say several obscenities about Miss Fison but why waste the effort. On another note, you are an inspiration. (as a kid we practised on 'house socks' - would never dream of wearing them as real socks out in public) Fast forward 55 years. I have a pair of socks called from a company 'farm to foot' that I love but they were incredibly expensive. Looking at your socks has both inspired and pushed me to use the yarn from my local sheep farm which I love and make a pair ... just to see if they are as 'good as store bought'.. (would you care to share your pattern?)
Nov 8, 2018 08:42:42   #
Congrats to you! They look great.
Nov 8, 2018 08:46:16   #
jmcret05 (a regular here)
tygereye wrote:
I am not yet brave enough to try doing socks. Perhaps because they are so challenging from the brave souls who do knit them! Love the colors of these great job.

I don't know your experience level, but assure you that socks are not mysterious. I think the most manageable method is using Magic Loop or two circulars if you are not proficient with DPNs. Try a large sock, perhaps a Christmas sock. It teaches the construction, and you only make one, and you have a gift!

In my opinion, starting with top up is easiest because once you get past the toe, you get more comfortable knitting the foot portion. There are numerous heels that don't require a gusset and/or picking up stitches. You can do it.
Nov 8, 2018 08:47:44   #
Grannie Sandy (a regular here)
The Germans say a woman's body changes every seven years. I think a woman's personality changes too. Or maybe you didn't really feel some of the so called challenges of junior high school were worth finishing. Fie on all the Mrs. F.s in the world! You did a great job on those socks. That BIL had better appreciate them or the knitting police will snarl him in a knot.
Nov 8, 2018 08:52:07   #
JlsH (a regular here)
Beautiful. We all have a Miss Fison. Mine was Miss Edna, 3rd grade. Said I was Beyond a slow learner and would never learn to read. Or do math. Haha. Turns out she just didn’t want to teach. But that is another story.

Your socks are beautiful!
Nov 8, 2018 08:52:34   #
Oh, great ideas -- with these tips I might screw up my courage to actually try a Christmas stocking on circular needles . . .
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