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December knits for Blanket Club Donations
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Jan 6, 2019 18:10:21   #
Rowesmary (a regular here)
More use of scrap yarn. My goal is to empty a dresser drawer.
Oops! Needs buttons.
Oops! Needs buttons....
2 purl rows before Very Pink's stretchy BO seems to have curbed StSt curl.
2 purl rows before Very Pink's stretchy BO seems t...

Machine Knit. Actually a very pretty lavender.
Machine Knit.  Actually a very pretty lavender....
Jan 6, 2019 18:17:39   #
lkg67 (a regular here)
Great works of art from scrap yarn!
Jan 6, 2019 18:26:23   #
YNotCrochet (a regular here)
Very pretty and all will be so useful.
Jan 6, 2019 18:40:35   #
Jan 6, 2019 18:48:41   #
crafterwantabe (a regular here)
Uvery nice items. Beautiful work.
Jan 6, 2019 18:57:21   #
wlk4fun647 (a regular here)
Rowesmary... lovely knitting for others! Happy New Year from Las Vegas~
Jan 6, 2019 19:01:02   #
Do you have a pattern for the little pullover?
Jan 6, 2019 19:04:56   #
A blanket club. What a great idea. I heard tell of mothers in Africa taking their newborns home wrapped in newspaper because they had no blankets or anything else for that matter. Heart wrenching. Your blanket club is the ideal solution. People could donate baby blankets to international relief groups or some such group as that.
Jan 6, 2019 19:10:43   #
Irene P (a regular here)
Very nice - all of them. I am in the process of using leftover yarns also. Have knitted some hats in stripes, infant's mittens and bootees. (I was just thinking - the more I use up, the more I can buy!)
Jan 6, 2019 19:14:10   #
redquilter (a regular here)
Beautiful blankets and those little sweater sets are just darling. Great work and so kind of you. Let me know how you do emptying that drawer. I keep trying but during the night the yarn multiplies! :)
Jan 6, 2019 19:32:37   #
Beautiful, kind way to use up odds and ends.
Jan 6, 2019 20:19:29   #
fancythatfancythis (a regular here)
Nice way to use up that stash!
Jan 6, 2019 20:57:25   #
Kay Knits (a regular here)
Lovely works - no one would guess you are using up scraps.
Jan 6, 2019 21:18:56   #
scottybearNSW (a regular here)
Lovely work. I really like the sweaters and hats in the first photos.
Jan 6, 2019 21:24:40   #
grtmema (a regular here)
Wow, so beauty. Great workmanship
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