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They Made It!
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Jan 12, 2019 02:22:04   #
Talking to my son a few days before Christmas, (he lives in Berlin, I'm in Australia) he said that he had lost one of the glittens I'd knitted him when he 1st went over, and his hands were cold! So I dutifully knitted him another pair, and also his GF a moebius cowl.
The cowl was a huge learning curve, but was also great fun, watching it grow in both directions! I used hand dyed mohair yarn, which I bought in Southern NSW, in a small town called Tarcutta, as well as some blue mohair I had in stash.
The items have now arrived in Berlin, and my son and GF are very happy with them. It's time to show off!
Moebius Cowl
Moebius Cowl...
Jan 12, 2019 02:29:52   #
charbaby (a regular here)
Nice work! Shipping items such as these is a real "heart in the throat" leap of faith. So glad they made it! Good show!
Jan 12, 2019 02:37:07   #
I've got many (too many) WIPs, so it's lovely to knit something that is really rquired!
Jan 12, 2019 02:43:53   #
wow, really pretty! Your knitting is beautiful. Love the yarn.
Jan 12, 2019 02:45:53   #
Sjlegrandma (a regular here)
Great work and good they arrived. I love the colours in the cowl, very pretty.
Jan 12, 2019 02:51:26   #
Lovely work, Iā€™m sure they are well appreciated
Jan 12, 2019 02:55:09   #
canuckle49 (a regular here)
Very nice ! Yes, you should show off, those were a lot of work and how nice that they were needed and appreciated! šŸ˜Š
Jan 12, 2019 02:59:07   #
canuckle49 wrote:
Very nice ! Yes, you should show off, those were a lot of work and how nice that they were needed and appreciated! šŸ˜Š

I'm a fanatical knitter, so it didn't seem like very much work, but nervewracking waiting for it to arrive!
Jan 12, 2019 03:08:26   #
Fran42 (a regular here)
Nicely done. The Cowl colors are beautiful.
Jan 12, 2019 03:21:41   #
Those are lovely. I'm so glad they are safely where they are supposed to be!
Jan 12, 2019 04:42:00   #
jojo111 (a regular here)
You're a good mama! Glad the beautiful items made it to Berlin! Very nicely done.
Jan 12, 2019 04:50:00   #
Maureen Therese (a regular here)
What would our kids do without their Mums?
Jan 12, 2019 05:07:52   #
LibertyRose (a regular here)
Beautiful, they should be warm and cosy now!
Jan 12, 2019 05:10:47   #
Glenlady (a regular here)
Both beautiful, glad they made it.
Jan 12, 2019 05:16:31   #
Very nice
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