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Been away for too long
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Jan 12, 2019 16:46:30   #
I used to post here, get advice and just generally pass the time.

January 10th 2017 my beautiful dog had to be put to sleep and it really affected me to the point of quite severe depression. For those who have never lost a dog, i can understand it sounding a little dramatic, but i had rescued him 10 years ago and he was my best friend.
He suffered seizures for 9 of those years but it was kept in check with medication. Then he had a seizure that caused a stroke, and 24 hours later he was gone.

3 months after i was still in a bad way, and my husband was becoming concerned (i was diagnosed bi-polar with a schizo disorder years ago but had been doing really well)

He told me he had a surprise for me as i hadn't wanted to do anything for my birthday the previous month, so out we went.

We drove for 40 minutes and ended up at a house i didn't know.. then i heard it as we neared the door.. puppies.

There were 8 beagle puppies! my Jak who passed was half beagle half jack russell terrier.

This one puppy would not leave me alone and seemed almost desperate for me to take her.. the man who was selling them said she was the least friendly and hated cuddles etc but she couldn't get enough of me!!

I brought her home and she celebrated her 1st birthday on January 11th 2019. She is the light of my life and was born just 12 hours after Jak passed away, so yes i think he helped us find each other.

Meet Holly, the most loving puppy i have ever met, and of course a picture of my beautiful boy Jak.
First ice cream!
First ice cream!...
Jan 12, 2019 16:52:32   #
no1girl (a regular here)
I understand your grief. we are now owned by our 9 year old German Shepherd...he is our 11th dog.....all others are at Rainbow bridge,

A new pup will brighten your life for sure.
Jan 12, 2019 16:54:02   #
I understand. She sure is a cutie that picked you!
Jan 12, 2019 16:54:33   #
Vickie P (a regular here)
I am sorry for the loss of your dear Jak.
But very happy that you found darling Holly.
Jan 12, 2019 16:55:26   #
beautiful. i know your pain.
Jan 12, 2019 16:59:29   #
nitnana (a regular here)
Sorry for your tragic loss and complete upset - understandable! Happy for you now. May you & Holly have many. many more happy years together!
Jan 12, 2019 17:00:51   #
hannabavaria (a regular here)
Vickie P wrote:
I am sorry for the loss of your dear Jak.
But very happy that you found darling Holly.

Ditto--Welcome back bellestarr!
Jan 12, 2019 17:02:06   #
Twiggie (a regular here)
Sorry for your loss. I understand completely how devastating it is to lose such a good friend. Jak was so cute but I'm glad your husband took you to find a new dog to love. Holly is lovely.
My sister had the same thing happen to her recently but it was her husband that couldn't get over their dogs passing. She took him for a drive before Christmas to a breeders to pick up a new friend. My avatar is their new puppy( Alfie) He is part Scottie and part terrier and already digging up her yard. Lol.
Jan 12, 2019 17:02:38   #
Good for you! Many happy years with Holly
Jan 12, 2019 17:09:48   #
Oh Holly would love to hang out with Alfie!! That girl loves to dig!
So glad they have him in their lives
Jan 12, 2019 17:10:59   #
Thanks guys for all the kind words, means more than you know
Jan 12, 2019 17:13:09   #
I love everything about beagles. Your pup is a gem. So happy you found each other. And your dear hubby is a keeper, just like your Jak was.
Jan 12, 2019 17:17:15   #
Your husband truly knows you. Better medicine than any from a doctor. Holly may have just been waiting for you to show up. Love her lots.
Jan 12, 2019 17:21:26   #
What a beautiful puppy. Plenty of fun to be had. 🤓
Jan 12, 2019 17:22:23   #
Grandma G. (a regular here)
What a great husband.
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