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Pattern Requests
Pillow case
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Jan 20, 2019 13:57:43   #
Our daughter leads our granddaughter’s Brownie troop. They are going to learn to use a sewing machine this weekend and will make pillow cases. A number of moms are coming and bringing their machines. As a grandma I have also been invited. I made a couple of “sample”cases.

Jan 20, 2019 14:03:27   #
Very nice. I’ve just started to make pillow cases.
Jan 20, 2019 14:04:35   #
Other than learning to sew a pillow case , straight seam ..hem etc. what is the goal ?
Jan 20, 2019 14:04:45   #
LinJurm (a regular here)
Wonderful! Are they making them for themselves? or to give away? or both?
Jan 20, 2019 14:07:32   #
Yarnfrog, Do you make them using this Burrito method where you put out the pieces of fabric in a particular order then roll them up and do one seam. Then pull out the main part of the pillowcase , fold it and do a French seam for one of the long sides and the short end? Sometimes I believe it is called a three seam pillowcase.
Jan 20, 2019 14:09:27   #
This first round of learning to make the pillowcases is to make a pillowcase for themselves. After that they probably will be using their sewing skills to make other projects for other people.
Jan 20, 2019 14:09:49   #
Beachgirl1000 (a regular here)
josswoss wrote:
Other than learning to sew a pillow case , straight seam ..hem etc. what is the goal ?

The goal was learning to sew a straight seam, hem, and make a useful project, the pillowcase. Sounds to me like a reasonable goal for young beginning sewers who had never used a sewing machine before. It's just the first step, I imagine.
Jan 20, 2019 14:11:26   #
riversong200 (a regular here)
Those are great!
Jan 20, 2019 14:19:01   #
So cute
Jan 20, 2019 14:22:05   #
Rescue Mom
I’ve made a couple of those pillowcases. Although I am no seamstress, they were fun and easy to make. Gave a couple to the grands and they loved them.
Jan 20, 2019 14:23:54   #
I think they’ve chosen a good first project. I think the possibility of having success with their first sewing project is important.
Jan 20, 2019 14:24:47   #
It is soooo good seeing this craft come back. I was impressed when I went to one of the remaining fabric stores in our area about a month ago, to stand in line with young mothers who where busy sewing for Christmas or whatever holiday they were inspired to sew for. It's coming back! I learned while in grade school probably no more than 6 years old--we belonged to 4H and all of us had to have chosen crafts and projects that were to be completed in a year and exhibited at our local fall fair. I remember my first project was an apron with rick-rack using colorful fabrics like these pillow cases.
Jan 20, 2019 14:26:28   #
Nina Weddle Tullis (a regular here)
I was a Girl Scout leader and I taught the girls to knit. You are teaching a life skill and a wonderful skill to know. That is something they can benefit from for their entire life.
Jan 20, 2019 14:27:52   #
What a beautiful memory! I have some similar memories from my Browie days in the 1950’s
Jan 20, 2019 14:29:14   #
Brownie that is : )
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Pattern Requests
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