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Love Mariannas patterns
Another one of my favourite tops to make. Added a ruffle but ended up trying to squash hundreds of stitches on the needle!!!

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Cushioned hooks
I like cushioned hooks...but am I not buying the right ones?...I bought a set from Amazon about a year ago and the ones I used the most have had to be discarded...first, the cushioned sleeve worked it’s way off or to the point I had to keep pushing it back down onto Rh shaft of the hook...eventually it literally wore the way my fingers pressed on it....after losing a couple with this process, I bought them singly at Joann’s...something s happening I need to spend more or do I just crochet funny!...suggestions?
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Request from Nako regarding Imknitting.
I wrote to Nako regarding ImKnitting using its patterns and claiming them as her own. I received a reply from it today asking if I had a contact number for Imknitting because Nako wants to take action. Nako could not find any contact details on the Imknitting website even though there is a "contact us" hyperlink. I could not find it either. I'm fairly certain that when she first started posting, she said she was in London. I have also noticed that there have been changes to the website. Some patterns say that that you can buy the pattern and the yarn from Nako, and others just link back to the main page.

If anyone else has any further information, I would appreciate it if you could provide it for me to forward to NAKO.
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Dumb question of the day
What is the name of the web site where you can look up substitutes for yarn sizes? The heat is getting to me and I can't remember a thing. Thanks in advance.
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Help id this yarn
Can anyone id this yarn? Very fine, 3 ply, white/black/ grey/red. Seller said it's 215 yds. Tied with strips of material. I used #7 needle to knit a sample.

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Tea Cosy
This is a tea cosy I completed recently. The pattern is from a booklet of patterns by Sirdar, which my mother bought for my sisters and me when we were kids, basically from the 50s.

My sister had the booklet and passed it on to me, so I decided to start knitting some of the patterns in it. Our mother would never let us do any fancy patterns, just plain stocking stitch, so when I got the booklet I decided to work the actual pattern of whatever I decided to knit - sort of an act of rebellion lol.


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Thoughts on DNA
Long story here. I did the ancestry DNA test. Brilliant, listed all my relatives that had done the same test from all around the world. Amazing science. Got my results in March, however there was one name that was a little bit puzzling. I recognized the surname of my very large family of cousins (8 siblings in the family with many offspring) but couldn’t figure out which one of them would have had the test done. I sent a message “Hi how are we related” Four months went by and I finally got a reply. He said his mother and one of the 8 siblings had been in college together in 1969 and he was the result of the relationship, and by all accounts was not a one night stand, the relationship just did not work out. His father left before he was born but did get in touch with his grandmother a couple of times to ask after the baby then stopped calling. He grew up married and had a family of his own. When his son was born he sent a letter to his father as he wanted his son to know who his grandfather was. No reply. Life went on, then the DNA match. His grandmother was my mothers sister. We got talking, he told me his fathers name and a lot of other information his mother had told him over the years. With the info and DNA match there was no doubt that my cousin was his father who died 18 months ago leaving three daughters. I contacted my cousins brother and gave him this information, I think his reaction was this is some kind of scam. Eventually he told the eldest daughter of the findings. I received a scathing email with expletives saying “ you had better have your facts right, I am sending all these emails to my family lawyer and it is my responsibility to sue you for defamation of character and mental stress to ———- ————— daughters.” You could have knocked me down with a feather. She followed that up with “he had five other brothers who could have used his name, “ ignoring the fact that his obituary in the paper puts him in that college at that time. There was a lot of back and forth with myself and my DNA match and at no time did I tell him how hostile they were being. He was so thrilled to find family and to be able to find out what his father was like, and have them meet his family which he seemed proud of. Let me say on researching him, he is a very successful man, living in a beautiful big house. Meanwhile my cousins daughter is still saying give me the f——-g proof. Other than being there at the time of conception I don’t know what else she would need. They wanted his email address which I gave them with his permission. After all this nobody has got in touch with him. I just received an email from my cousin and he said his niece does not want to deal with this at this time. I asked him, as he has his email, are you going to tell him or should I, he said would you please. Absolutely disgusted that one of the family would not take the time to send an email. I had said to my cousin beforehand, to be rejected once when there was no DNA is understandable, to be rejected a second time with science is unforgivable. Another cousin had his DNA tested, just got his result two days ago, the relationship shows as uncle and nephew. Proof positive that he is one of the family. I know everybody reacts differently, but this man is not to blame, I hate to inform him that he again is being ignored. I think the least my cousin could have done was to send him an email explaining that his niece does not want to deal with this right now, she lost her mother two months ago, but he could acknowledge that he is his uncle which would soften the blow a little. I hope you can follow this. By the way he is 50 and this happened ten years before my cousin married and had three children. My living cousin said he doesn’t know how but this individual could have manipulated the DNA test, I said he would have to be Einstein.
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The Gnome Family
Went out for a little fresh air after a thunder storm. The family has now grown from four to thirteen.
Sorry, but the colour is a bit washed out as it is a very overcast and humid day.

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New England yarn stores
Hello, Does anyone having a recommendation for yarn stores in Vermont or New Hampshire?
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My first sweater
Actually, I made a couple of baby sweaters to build my confidence, then took the plunge. Not as hard as I feared. I realized you just have to take it one step at a time. I enjoyed making it so much that I just cast on for my second sweater. This started as a Christmas gift for a dear friend, but she is now getting it for her birthday this month. Why do projects always take four times as long as anticipated?

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