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spam a lot
Tonight I've already reported 4 spammers. They disappear as soon as you report them. Why do they keep trying?
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Stitch gauge
When a pattern gives you the gauge for a pattern what type of stitch do you use if they don't state one?
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Help with crochet hooks and knitting needles
I need to replace my crochet hooks. A few years ago crocheting made my hands and fingers so achy - even my arms would hurt. So I tried the Clover Soft Touch and they fixed the problem. I forget the brand but back when I found the Clover soft touch I also tried one with a larger round handle but the shaft was too long and to use the handle I had to grip too far back to control the hook. Now I have to replace all my hooks and there are so many new kinds out I would like to know what you avid crocheters prefer and why. I prefer the Boye style hook with the rounded, tapered throat. I don't want anything that lights up. I am not familiar with any brands other than what JoAnn's or Michaels carries. I see Clover has a line out called Armour and boy are they expensive. The only steel hooks I've seen with a bigger handle are the Clover Soft Touch.
I am also having very little luck finding the short glove needles. I like the Brittany (birch ?) 5" double pointed but nobody seems to have all the sizes. I had Skacel glove needles (4" I think) before but they were a lot more slippery. The Brittany wood 5" are easier to use because they don't slip.
My searches aren't getting me anywhere except frustrated. Your advice and opinions are very welcome here. Thanks in advance.

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Baby Olivia likes her Cuddly
My niece gave the My First Cuddly to her friend's 8 month old baby girl. Olivia is so beautiful. The Cuddly certainly doesn't hold a candle to her, but she's looking in the general direction of the doll. I am really pleased that my niece sent me the picture.

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Red Heart
Hi, any one ever used REDHEART SUPER SAVER yarn?
I find it very rough, will it get soft after washing?
Any info is greatly appreciated
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Chinese Waitress Method Cast On
Never saw that. It is for a dish cloth on Pinterest. Uses a crochet needle to cast on the knitting needle. 😊
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Fraying fringe
I need help. I crocheted a twin sized bedspread, a gargantuan effort, took it to the dry cleaner's prior to sending off to the person who commissioned it, and wouldn't you know the fringe frayed in a few spots. it is just 2" to begin with, so I can't just shorten the fringe. I had purchased some Fray Blok, but decided to wait to use it until the spread was back from the dry cleaner.

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Mental block on diagonal baby blanket!
I have 200gm of DK yarn and am doing a simple diagonal garter stitch baby blanket. I have done the first half using 100gm. The increase edge being as follows: On every row Knit 1. Then increase by knitting into back of next stitch. That's all it is.

Then, this is where I have a mental block! as on the decrease, I cannot for the life of me remember how to make it so that it matches the increase edge. I don't remember where I found the pattern and all the examples I have looked at, mostly the dishcloths all have holes down the inc/dec edges. I've tried a couple of ways but cannot get it to match the increase side. Can somebody help me please?
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Tomorrow 4/15/19 id Dee O'Keefe's are some of the shawls I've made
I thought of a nice Birthday card but showing off some of her beautiful designs might just be the thing to do....How about you? From top to bottom Beckley, Mayuri, Shila and my cousin wearing Tristano.
Happy Birthday Dee!!!

PS. I thought I could change the date to 4/25/19 but could not do it....sorry about that!!!!

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I need some advice and information, please and thank you,
I have returned to this site after several year absence. I have also changed my user name. I now live in Inland Empire in SoCal. I rent a room and don't have room to have, let alone store all of my
knitting machines and accessories. I have decided to sell all of my Brother items. I have tried to contact Custom Knits & Manufacturing in Minnesota but the site has been down for weeks. Also have been advised that Knit It Now classified section has been pulled from site due to technical problems. I don't want to deal with E-Bay, don't have Facebook accounts or Twitter. Does anyone have any ideas on where I can safely sell my machines and items. All are packed. I have no pictures. Not technically savy, so no smart phone. HELP!
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