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Another green baby cardigan
I used Waterwheel 890 as a base once again and added the pattern which I picked up online but can't remember where!

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home sweet home
to add to my barn and zoo.

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Vintage knitting tools
I have seen plenty of the round counters that are sized to hang on your needle like these but this is the first spin wheel wrist counter I have ever seen. I found it at a craft recycling store. It is meant to have a ribbon through the back and this former owner used elastic with a hook and eye closure.

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Circular Needles
I am looking for a size 13 circular needle, 24 inches in length, and am having trouble finding this particular size in the local shops around my city. I am not experienced with online shopping, and am wondering if you could recommend where the best place to order this in Canada might be. Thanks
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Adjusting Brother ribber
How do I ajust my ribber the space between main bed and ribber on the right side is too small.The left side I can push it in and don't know how to tighten.Hoping someone can help me.
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Just a few more Washcloths
Since I started knitting these Washcloths I cannot keep up with friends/family demands. They love them so much and being non knitters I don’t mind making them - so many choices on the web - just love them. Just a few more that I have made. Thank you in advance

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Short sleeve cardigan
Knitted in Anne Geddes DK yarn, beautiful soft yarn to work with.
Will look lovely on 1year old granddaughter
Granddaughter, Charlotte wearing the first item of clothing I crocheted

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Cruise sundress
This model is hot summer.

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Just a square vest C)
I had made a square vest for a little girl, made out of multiples of medallions joined together to make a vest out of self striping sock yarn in pinks and greens. Her little brother saw it and said he "wanted the same but a big shield instead"! I hope I got it right for kind of looks like a shield doesn't it? Took 4 days to make and we are caravanning at Berri in The Riverland with our grand daughters' who are having the time of their lives. It gives me plenty of time for craft activities!

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Hats for charity donation
More to put in box for Oct distribution to various charities. Thanks for looking. Hope everyone is safe during this storm. Have a good night.

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