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Huge stash to give away
If there is anyone out there who lives within reach of Reepham, Norfolk, I have a huge stash of machine yarn, all colours, acrylic, mainly 1ply. It comes from an elderly relative. If no-one wants it, it will go to re-cycling on Wednesday. Please p.m. me for details. We are 14miles from Norwich. I gave the last stash to a weavers disabled charity but they do not have room for any more.
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Twisted Sweater?
Hello! I have recently started making a sweater. After about a good seven hours of knitting, I realized my work is partially twisted (which I attempted to show in the picture - let me know if you need more pictures.) How do I fix this? I also made sure my cast-on was straight. Help!

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Sooty crochet cushion in a magazine ( crochet now) issue40
Hi everyone
I was wondering if anyone has crocheted this cushion cover , my daughter who loves sooty ,retro sooty ie Harry and Matthew Corbett era only, asked me if I could crochet her one, I only know the basic’s of crochet this says it is Tunisian crochet what is that?
I would love to try and make one is it hard?
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I'm so happy ( and a t-tiny bit proud too, lol)
I have posted pictures of a knitted shawl for my eldest Sister ( a late 84th birthday present), and
A scarf for my niece. I didn't post one of the moss green scarf for my niece' mother. My eldest sister, who was the recipient of the shawl called me immediately after opening her package, and said that it is the prettiest shawl she has ever seen, but she didn't have a dress to wear it with. My other sister who received the the moss green scarf loved hers equally well, and said she was going to buy herself a dark green coat to wear it with. My niece will not see her scarf till Easter morning

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Why does this look like it is looking?
I am currently working on ( one of my current 4 knitting projects ) a triangular shawl that has a cable 4 L on one edge, and a cable 4R on the other edge. I have knitted a number of items with cables and all looked quite nice, but none of them looked like this. On the 4L, the twist of the cable barely shows. On the 4R side, the cable is nice n twisty. WHY does one cable look so sharp n twisty, while the other is a poor looking excuse for a 4 L CABLE?
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My latest creation - hot off the needles. It is a gift for a friend who works for Delta Airlines. The purple is the color of their new uniforms.

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cable mess up
Can anyone help ? Knitting a child's gurnsey in the round, have split for yoke and now have cable row at back (purl side) of work. It is only a one stitch twist. Is it possible to cable from the purl row and get it looking right at the front. Have I made myself clear or is it all a bit garbled?

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Could someone give me advice on how to make eyes for this cat?
I just finished knitting this cat from,"knit your own cat", book..well,it's almost finished,the ears are only pinned on ,and I have to embroider a little pink nose.I am not impressed with the eyes they show in the book( a French knot with a black line across)Can anyone suggest another method?Thank you in advance..

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Puff Color Knitting

Can anyone help me find instructions in English for this type of knitting. THIS IS NOT EMBROIDERY, it is knit at the same time as the garment.

It is called Puff Color Knitting and the only info I can find is all in russian. Would love tp learn this. Maybe it has another name?

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Dish Scrubby Cloths!
Here are some of the dishcloths I am making with scrubby yarn, I plan on trying to do one a day among my other W.I.P's.

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