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Machine Knitting
Nuts To The Knots --- AGAIN! Grrr
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Apr 12, 2019 22:00:29   #
A week ago, I was at Walmart and wanted to pick up some red & green to start working on some charity Christmas stockings. That's when I spotted Red Heart Super Saver Ombre Scuba yarn, 482 yards for half price $5.39. So I bought one. Pretty colors.

Finally got around to winding it into centre pull balls early this morning. GADS, the knots were abundant!! Instead of 4 to 5 ounces balls, I was getting 2 & sometimes close to 3 ounce balls. Frustrating. I quit about half way through the skein. Looks like I have a fresh supply of waste yarn.

Apr 12, 2019 22:06:00   #
If you have the receipt I would return it to Walmart and get my $$ back.
Apr 12, 2019 22:16:21   #
mhammett wrote:
If you have the receipt I would return it to Walmart and get my $$ back.

I do, and am planning to do that 😏👍
Apr 12, 2019 22:39:50   #
This isn't about knots (I'm new here) but about Mandala Stripes yarn. I made the front of a shirt using one cake and had another cake for the back of the shirt. Same colors, same arrangement. Today I began the shirt back to discover that the dyes had transferred - for example, the pink instead of being solid has specks of blue, purple, and teal scattered throughout. I'm not going to be able to use it for the shirt and will now have to buy another cake while coming up with a use for the speckled stripes. Has this happened to any of you?
Apr 12, 2019 22:47:34   #
run4fittness (a regular here)
Take it back, that is way too many knots to be acceptable.
Apr 12, 2019 23:17:03   #
I had that happen one time. I called the manufacturer and they sent me a new skein. :)
Apr 12, 2019 23:42:29   #
I'll do that. Thanks for the suggestion.
Apr 13, 2019 00:57:55   #
Susie2016 (a regular here)
That's frustrating!
Apr 13, 2019 02:09:55   #
Indeed it is.
Apr 13, 2019 02:17:27   #
Wow. Haven't had the speckled dye issue with a commercially produced yarn. That's a bummer. I agree with GrammaAnn. Write the company.
Apr 13, 2019 13:56:04   #
I've had big speckles in Patons Kroy sock yarn. Never in a repeatable location.
Apr 17, 2019 08:30:35   #
If you contact Red Heart they will send you replacement yarn. I had a problem with the yarn I bought being under the weight it was supposed to be. They sent me 4 skeins of replacement yarn.
Apr 17, 2019 11:30:08   #
Patrice B-Z (a regular here)
mhammett wrote:
If you have the receipt I would return it to Walmart and get my $$ back.

I found the same thing with Caron braids that are of many colors. I knit for charity on my Machine, and there were knots every for or two, and I took it back without issue, that was Michaels.
Machine Knitting
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