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General Chit-Chat (non-knitting talk)
Moving house with cats, need advice.
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May 30, 2019 12:29:51   #
Morgan Girl wrote:
Visit your local pet store and get some Feliway spray, and/or a collar for the cat. You can spray the inside of the cat's carrier, can also spray some in the car as needed. The collar will help keep the calming pheronomes around the cat's body all the time so that he/she is breathing it in. I'd keep using the collar after you get to the new house to help them adjust. Can also be bought in a 'plug in' if you need to use it in the new house to help kitties settle in.

We used this spray when we moved from Maryland to Oregon. It worked well!! We also had a small litter box for Cinders to use if she needed it. She traveled extremely well using the spray. We also discovered that if she could see my son, her person, or be on his lap, it really helped her also. We were very careful to make sure she was back in her crate before getting out of the car at a stop. And we took turns getting out of the care so she had someone with her all the time. Good luck!!
May 30, 2019 15:01:22   #
Medieval Reenactor (a regular here)
I've traveled coast to coast with cats and we've taken them on trips in the RV. We do leash train all the cats and they wear a harness all the time when we travel. Before we get out at all stops, we make sure to attach leashes to harnesses in case of a dart escape. Cats are chipped. Two cats actually like walking on leashes and relish rest stops - one has sampled grass in 19 states! He likes people and lots of people will stop and admire him.

With all the cats, we get them accustomed to riding in a vehicle by taking them on short trips, not just to the vet. Sometimes they yowl until they get used to it. NEVER leave them in a parked car while you go in for a meal - we nearly killed our kitties this way once, even though it was a chilly day, we parked in the shade and cracked windows. We had to rush back into the restaurant to get ice to rub on their paws to cool them.

Good luck with your move
May 30, 2019 16:54:04   #
I moved 275 miles from England to Scotland with three cats,one dog and a large goldfish,Sharky was in a very large plastic dustbin/trashcan.Mattie cat was in a cage beside me.Calamity cat was in a cage in the middle of the back seat ,with Tess the dog on one side and Tom cat free on the other side[but he moved in with Tess which was a bit of a squash].
When we arrived at the new house all the animals went into the front garden and lay in the sun.Sharky was decanted into his tank-absolutely no problems
In the past I have used leashes on cats successfully so they could relieve themselves.
May 30, 2019 19:07:56   #
When I moved here (Texas) from CA I decided to make it a two day trip because I had two cats with me, but I think the cats would have preferred that I did it in one day, as they didn't want to get out of the carrier that night at the hotel. I carried a litter box with me as well as food and water for the brothers. The big brother, Riley, meowed for the first 20 or 30 miles, then I guess he realized it wasn't doing any good.
The one thing I can say it that when you have to gas up and take a bathroom run is too leave the windows down while you gas up and make the bathroom portion as fast as you can. I carried water and snacks in an ice chest with me, so I didn't have to wait in line inside to purchase drinks or snacks. If I wanted a burger or something I went through the drive through.
The last thing I have to say is when you get to your destination DO NOT let them outside, they may try to pull a "Homeward Bound" on you. Put them and their carrier in a room, turn on the light and shut the door. It will take them a bit of time to get acclimated to the new house. It took all day before the brothers came out of the carrier. I opened the door the second day and they didn't come out of the laundry room for another two days. It's been almost two years and big brother has still not gone outside, little brother, Smokey Joe, snuck out one day and hasn't been outside since then.
Jun 2, 2019 13:37:49   #
Pamela F
Good luck with your move and I hope everyone settles down well in your new home
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General Chit-Chat (non-knitting talk)
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