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Sweater Beginning at the Sleeve
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Apr 2, 2011 17:30:07   #
Sometime in the last four days someone posted a sweater they made that started from the sleeve. The sweater was blue and for toddlers. I believe the first 7" were garter. The pattern begins at the sleeve and works out. I have searched for that pattern and cannot find it - sizes were 2-4-6-8

If anyone can remember and redirect or repost I'd be most grateful. I thought I bookmarked and evidently did not.

Thank you for the help!
Frustrated Knitter
Apr 2, 2011 21:03:58   #
Hi, I went into search at the top of the page, and put in sweater knitted from the sleeve. When it comes up go to 3/31. I hope this is the one you need.
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