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Knit Pro Zing - Knitting needle issues
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Jun 21, 2019 10:22:17   #
I bought mine from a reputable knitting store. and have had no problem. I am afraid that is one of the problems you could run into by buying somewhere else and after a year I am not sure who would replace them.
Jun 21, 2019 10:38:34   #
LEE1313 (a regular here)
I haven't had any issues with my BELOVED Zings.
Try wiping the needles with a white tissue/napkin and see it the color comes off. If so return them.
But I think it is the yarn not playing nicely. Did you have hand lotion on ?
The sweater is darling
Jun 21, 2019 11:38:58   #
Amazon is not an authorized dealer of any knitting needles, and therefore many companies will not honor their warranty on needles bought from Amazon. (It is authorized dealers who handle Knitter's Pride and Knit Pro warranty issues.) I've never heard of color rubbing off the Zing needles, but that doesn't mean it can't happen. I suggest soaking and washing the item to see if the color will go away. I always wash every item I make, and consider it part of the process. That removes oil rubbed off your hands while knitting, any impurities in the yarn, etc. Then you have a nice, clean item to gift or use.
Jun 21, 2019 11:42:39   #
Or a different dye lot.
Jun 21, 2019 12:58:17   #
I have been knitting white with dark green Zing and there is no transfer of colour at all.
Jun 21, 2019 13:16:15   #
BobzMum (a regular here)
Thanks for all the responses.
After reading some of the feedback on Amazon, I'm not alone with this issue.

I've never washed anything before gifting it but I'll use soapflakes and see (fingers crossed)
Jun 21, 2019 15:14:05   #
GrumpyGramma (a regular here)
I thought there were authorized dealers who sold Knitter's Pride on Amazon. I'm not much of an Amazon shopper so I don't know. I only buy needles from an authorized seller because if there's a problem I want to be able to get the replacement. Maybe you got a cheap knock off instead of the real thing. It's sad that this happened to you; it really gets my grits that people sell things that aren't covered by the warranty.
Jun 21, 2019 16:19:03   #
Mamaria21 (a regular here)
Give it a quick run through in Woolite. Honestly if you hadn’t called my attention to it I would have thought that it was knit in white and pale gray intentionally. Perhaps it’s not a crisis after all. I think it’s pretty.
Jun 21, 2019 17:31:28   #
GrumpyGramma (a regular here)
What fiber is your yarn? If it's acrylic it should come out clean after washing. I spilled cranberry juice on acrylic yarn and it washed out.
Jun 21, 2019 18:53:04   #
Nanamel14 (a regular here)
So sorry this has happened to your beautiful little jumper, I'd try washing and see how it comes out.
Jun 26, 2019 13:18:59   #
I’m so sorry you had trouble with this project. The sweater is lovely-can you share this pattern?
Please let us know if washing helps.
Jun 26, 2019 13:19:00   #
I’m so sorry you had trouble with this project. The sweater is lovely-can you share this pattern?
Please let us know if washing helps.
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