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Newbie Knitting Errors
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Jun 20, 2019 14:08:24   #
Hello again!

I'm having problems with my first swatch. On the right, the stitches are malformed (should I replace the needle?) (sorry the picture is sideways) and on the left, the yarn is catching somehow (am I not bringing the carriage far enough past the last needle on the left?).

Again, thanks in advance for enlightenment!

Jun 20, 2019 15:13:34   #
Yes I would replace the needle that seems to be messing up. But the one photo it looks like you have caught a stitch on a gate post? Keep your weights moved up and that won't happen.
Jun 20, 2019 15:14:28   #
Thanks! I didn't think about moving the weights up to prevent that catching problem!
Jun 20, 2019 15:50:39   #
Left side probably, a sticky latch. Keep an eye on that needle, it may need to be replaced.
Jun 21, 2019 09:09:34   #
Your yarn is knitting around the gate peg .Lift it up and over the gate peg and it will be fine.
Jun 21, 2019 11:55:38   #
Yes, looks like you have hung up on a gate peg. Use your double transfer tool to lift the yarn on both sides of the gate peg so the yarn is in front. Check other stitches that are hanging correctly to see the proper configuration. Be sure to use sufficient amounts of weights. On the mid portion of your work, hang a section of cast on comb. That should be enough for stocking knit stitch. Tuck & slip stitch will need more weight.
Jun 21, 2019 13:06:51   #
For the first few 3-4 rows, pull all needles out to E position and knit across until you have enough fabric to hang your cast on comb. And move up at least claw weights on ends and/or middle every 8-10 rows. Re: needle on right pull out to E and see if the latch is sticky. Try putting a dot of silicone or similar oil on your thumb and forefinger & rub the latch & hinge. It won’t damage the fabric. If the latch is not cupping the hook at all, you need to replace it.
Jun 21, 2019 13:36:53   #
Sometimes the faulty stitch is just a bent latch and you can bend it back.
Jun 22, 2019 07:18:21   #
Thanks again for your experienced suggestions!
Jun 22, 2019 22:29:07   #
You have a bad latch. I would change the needle.
Machine Knitting
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