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A crocheted doily my mother made for me 60 years ago and our first flush of camelias
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Jul 7, 2019 08:21:23   #
ChristineM (a regular here)
Do you remember when every girl had to start a glory box in the 50's and 60's? Well this is one of the first things my mother made for me in around 1964..a star doily.
She taught herself to crochet and made so many beautiful things over her long lifetime.
I used this doily to put the vase on, for the camelias my husband cut and brought inside yesterday. The bush has been growing for over 40 years..We do nothing but water it during our torrid summers and every winter, it has an abundance of buds and if we don't cut the flowers, the branches break with the weight of many huge flowers and rain and wind play havoc with it.
Every room (for the next few weeks now) has one of Mum's doilies in it with displayed bowls of camelias..I think she would love to know that I still use all the doilies she made for me.....

Jul 7, 2019 08:28:00   #
She would indeed. Both are beautiful.
Jul 7, 2019 08:29:21   #
amudaus (a regular here)
Your camelias are beautiful as is your Mum's crochet work...Please can you tell me what a Glory Box is.
Jul 7, 2019 08:29:30   #
jemima (a regular here)
Beautiful flowers and very pretty doily..i have one of these bushes in my garden but unfortunately it starts flowering very early and the buds get frost bitten .
Jul 7, 2019 08:30:40   #
tygereye (a regular here)
Beautiful all the way around!
Jul 7, 2019 08:31:57   #
The doily and the flowers are absolutely exquisite. A wonderful combination of nature and art
Jul 7, 2019 08:33:09   #
JeanneE (a regular here)
Absolutely gorgeous--flowers and doily!!
Jul 7, 2019 08:34:22   #
martina (a regular here)
Both beautiful. A lovely tribute to your Mum. She was obviously a good crocheter,
Jul 7, 2019 08:37:03   #
Wroclawnice (a regular here)
Your moms doily and your camellias are just beautiful!
Jul 7, 2019 08:39:55   #
What a loving daughter, and such a perfect tribute to a loving mother.
Jul 7, 2019 08:40:24   #
Glenlady (a regular here)
Both doily and camelias are wonderful, and the doily is still in good shape after all these years
Jul 7, 2019 08:44:27   #
ChristineM (a regular here) was what girls started collecting for when they got married. I had enough stuff to decorate a house forever and still use my collection of Irish Linen Manchester, table cloths placemats etc. It was considered a right if passage, like having a crystal dressing table set for example and crystal vases and brass jardineres..all hard work to keep clean..but all beautiful and have lasted a lifetime.

amudaus wrote:
Your camelias are beautiful as is your Mum's crochet work...Please can you tell me what a Glory Box is.
Jul 7, 2019 08:44:52   #
cinknitting (a regular here)
Just beautiful
Jul 7, 2019 08:46:11   #
The camelias look an awful lot like our peonies we have here in the states. They are supposed to bloom by Memorial Day. Is your glory box like our hope chest where you put in things you make (or buy) for when you get married? Your mother's work and your flowers are so beautiful.
Jul 7, 2019 08:46:49   #
whitetail (a regular here)
So very special to have the keepsakes, your mom would love it. Such pretty flowers and dollies
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