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I am in tears
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Jul 10, 2019 20:35:08   #
Orillialovesto knit (a regular here)
For whatever reason I simply cannot get the hang of magic loop or long tail cast on. I have tried and tried and it's not working. I know so many of you love these methods and have tremendous success with them. I am a mess! I want to learn them and they will not come. I think maybe I will stick with my regular cast on, and use double point needles when there are too few stitches for my circulars. I really do have tears on my face. There is no joy in mudville tonight. Susan has struck out at the bat. Surely I am not the only knitter here who has no success in these areas. Perhaps I am. Off to dry my tears and knit something that I am familiar with. I'm not telling you this to create a stir. I have hit a wall and I just wanted to share that.
Jul 10, 2019 20:40:02   #
I have never mastered the magic loop but long tail cast on is about the only type cast on I use. It took me awhile to learn. Have you tried some of the on line videos? I've never looked for one but I'm sure there must be some. A dear friend taught me how to do it.
Jul 10, 2019 20:43:30   #
Orillialovesto knit (a regular here)
beejay wrote:
I have never mastered the magic loop but long tail cast on is about the only type cast on I use. It took me awhile to learn. Have you tried some of the on line videos? I've never looked for one but I'm sure there must be some. A dear friend taught me how to do it.

I think that's why it upset me. I can usually learn so much from the tutorials on Youtube. The instructors are brilliant and make very clear and concise videos. This time, not so much.
Jul 10, 2019 20:46:23   #
Please, don't be so hard on yourself! I've tried magic loop, with limited success. I've also tried using two circulars instead of dpn's. When it didn't work out, I decided that I would just try again sometime. Knitting should be FUN! Enjoy your tried-and-true methods and try the new ones again later.
Jul 10, 2019 20:47:28   #
MMWRay (a regular here)
You are overwhelming yourself with two big goals. Stick to one. Just one. I would recommend the long tail cast on because I love double points (I can do magic loop too). Watch just those videos when you have time and are not distracted. You'll get it.
Jul 10, 2019 20:50:48   #
octopus (a regular here)
Agreed! Knitting should be fun 🙃. Have you looked at the Very Pink YouTube video for long tail cast on? I am as clumsy and uncoordinated as they come ( literally have been told I throw like a barbarian), and that video really helped. Worth a shot?
Jul 10, 2019 20:53:56   #
run4fittness (a regular here)
Don't be so hard on yourself! I personally do not like the Magic Loop method. I do use the long tail cast on a lot, but that is the first one I learned after the thumb cast on.

Do you have any friends who know these methods and could walk you through it? Or someone at your LYS?

Jul 10, 2019 20:56:01   #
manyneedles2 (a regular here)
I use both magic loop and long tail. Sometimes I need a refresher course and go to YouTube to watch a video. These two are not easy for me to remember because I don't use them all the time. Watch the videos whenever you need. Takes practice but you can always watch the videos again. I am sure you can do it...stay calm and don't worry. Good luck.
Jul 10, 2019 20:59:06   #
NH Gal 2 (a regular here)
Not to worry. You may go back to You Tube and it will be a go. If not, another method will!
I do not do either of them and am still a happy knitter. I learned to cast on with the crochet
hook method and I love the edge on that method. Be happy, something good will come out
of this bump in the road.
Jul 10, 2019 21:01:58   #
rainie (a regular here)
There are so many different cast-ons which sound fasinating. Don't get hung up on long tail. It does have its drawbacks such as how much yarn do you pull off to do 300-500 stitches, and doing it over and over using more and more yarn. Any cast on that you do will be better than the backwards loop method I started with at age 8 through my twenties.
Jul 10, 2019 21:01:59   #
grandmann (a regular here)
Take it slow and don't get so frustrated on yourself. Like anything new it takes practice. At first I thought I would never master DPN now it's no problem at all.
I know how to do the magic loop but I never cared for it much so I don't use it. When I do socks I learn to do two at a time with two circular needles which works well for me.
Jul 10, 2019 21:05:23   #
Montana Gramma (a regular here)
I learned longtail cast on at age forever ago, and I will do it forever too. No matter what I try , including magic loop, I haven't the patience or want to frog a mess to learn it well and ml is more time consuming to me. I use 5 dpns for socks and mittens, I use circulars as straights a great deal of the time and for hats and finish with dpns.
I have enjoyed different bind off methods, especially the stretchy ones.
You do such nice work, if it aint broke don't fix it?
Jul 10, 2019 21:05:33   #
Hilary4 (a regular here)
The flexibility of your cable is CRUCIAL in learning magic loop. I started with some very cheap bamboo needles with a hollow plastic tube cord but now I have treated myself to ChiaoGoo red lace needles - oh purr!!!

When learning, start with a decent number of stitches - keep the small number for when you are happy with the process. Very Pink's youtube tutorial is a good one.

I have never conquered the long tail, because I am more than happy with the cable cast on for most things. It certainly isn't necessary for ML!
Jul 10, 2019 21:10:30   #
plumhurricane (a regular here)
Instead of trying to estimate how much yarn you need to cast on say 300 stitches you can use both ends of your ball of yarn. Hard to explain I think first saw it on Pinterest.When you have the right number of stitches you just cut that end. It’s easier to do than explain, though maybe only try it once you have the original long tail cast on down pat. I always remember my mother telling me to go & do something else for a while & then come back when I couldn’t get the hang of something
Jul 10, 2019 21:11:30   #
bokemom (a regular here)
If you have a method that works for you, use it. Sure it's nice to know a few methods, but at the end of the day enjoying what you're doing is the most important thing. A trick to try to help getting started on magic loop since you're good at dpns, is to start your practice piece on the dpns. Then when you have it started, knit the first half of your stitches onto your circular needle. Pull the needle until the stitches you just knit are on the cable. Leave some cable between the stitches you just knit and knit the rest of stitches off your dpns. Now your stitches are in place to knit magic loop. I'm having the exact opposite problem, I'm trying to learn to use dpns. I just can't get my cast on right. So I've been casting on a circular for magic loop. When I get it started I move it over to dpns.
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