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Can some explain line?
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Jul 13, 2019 15:31:41   #
Hi all, Can anyone help me with a line in my pattern? Here it goes: K3,[sl1yo,k3,(sl1yo,k1) 3 times,k2] 3 times, sl1yo,k3. It is row 34 of the City Life Scarf. Help please!
Jul 13, 2019 15:35:35   #
heidiholly54 (a regular here)
Hmmm..I'll see if i can check out pattern. If uou could possibly put a link to it, that would help alot.

*so seeing the responses, I think I've got it too. Looked at the pattern, think I'll have to make it.
Jul 13, 2019 15:41:01   #
ChasingRainbows (a regular here)
Is this it? It's a paid pattern. You can contact the designer through her Ravelry page.
Jul 13, 2019 15:48:36   #
I would k3,( sl1,yo,K3, sl1,yo,k1, sl1,yo,k1,sl1,yo,ki,k2,) 3times
Jul 13, 2019 15:51:30   #
k3 then work what is in square brackets as follows ***slip1 yarn over K3 now the round brackets 3 times ...slip1 ,yarn over K1 ,slip1 yarn over ,k1 and the third time slip one ,yarn over k1 ....k2 ***
Now do what is between the stars two more times making 3 times in total to finish slip1 ,yarn over K3 .
I have used *** instead of the square brackets in your original print off.I think that is 56 stitches .
Jul 13, 2019 15:51:52   #
RookieRetiree (a regular here)
There are a lot of punctuation marks, but I think this will simplify it:

Row34: K3 (SL1, YO, K3, SL1, YO, K1, SL1, YO, K1, SL1, YO, K1, K2)3x, SL, YO, K3.

I count 3+ (16x3) +5 = 56 stitches
Jul 13, 2019 16:05:32   #
Designer; Monika Anna. Contact
Jul 13, 2019 16:11:03   #
I think you have an answer to how to do the row. You just need to understand the use of brackets so that next time you encounter a similar pattern it will be easy for you.
Jul 13, 2019 16:12:31   #
knit4ES (a regular here)
Gabbis2 wrote:
Designer; Monika Anna. Contact

Can you tell us how many stitches are on the previous row?
Are those slipstitch/yarnover pairs knit together on the next row?
Jul 13, 2019 16:16:03   #
It looks like a mathematical equation.
1. So begin with knit 3
2. Next slip 1, yarn over, knit 3
3. then slip 1, yarn over, knit 1 -- do this part 3 times
4. then knit 2 stitches
5. repeat 2., 3., and 4. 2 more times so you've done these 3 times altogether
6. then slip 1, yarn over, knit 3 stitches to complete the row

I hope this helps.
Jul 13, 2019 16:46:36   #
Colour wheel
Some designers have an ability to write a clear pattern and others make it unnecessarily difficult. I find it very frustrating, especially when I pay to read their gobbeldy gook.
Jul 13, 2019 16:53:15   #
Colour wheel wrote:
Some designers have an ability to write a clear pattern and others make it unnecessarily difficult. I find it very frustrating, especially when I pay to read their gobbeldy gook.

To a point I agree but it can have a lot to do with the experience of the knitter.
Jul 13, 2019 16:57:14   #
I’m sorry I don’t have the knitting here with me but, I’m pretty sure it was followed with a purl row
Jul 13, 2019 17:00:22   #
Brp , now I know , sort of like brioche. I think I got it .. thank you all so very much..
Jul 13, 2019 18:51:44   #
sritchie1145 (a regular here)
My take-

sl1,yo,k1, k2)

Repeat (-) 3 times

It helps me if I write complicated rows out like that!
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User-Submitted How-tos, Patterns, Tutorials
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