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Richland Shawl
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Jul 17, 2019 16:26:51   #
midwifebetsy (a regular here)
It is just lovely. I don't really have words.
Jul 17, 2019 16:31:10   #
sharronaw (a regular here)
Stunning and your yarn choice only adds to the beauty. Sharron
Jul 17, 2019 17:21:06   #
Oh, Dee, you've done it again! Bound to be an immediate classic.
Jul 17, 2019 17:32:44   #
Aunty M (a regular here)
stevieland wrote:
Here are some pics of my new Richland design, an asymmetrical triangle named after Frank Lloyd Wright's birthplace of Richland Center, WI. A few months ago, I started thinking how cool it would be to use his stained glass window designs as inspiration for a new shawl design. As I was checking out his stained glass work online, I saw the amazing windows from his Darwin Martin House in Buffalo, NY. Epiphany! I realized the stacked chevrons with intersecting horizontal lines found in several of the Martin House windows designs would translate beautifully into lace, and then Richland was born (after lots of computer work and swatching of course).

I took some artistic license and decided to soften the edges of Wright's chevrons by separating the decreases from the yarn overs to make pretty swirly lace chevrons. And I just love a star stitch, so I arranged mine horizontally to mimic the lines of the stained glass windows. Here are two links to the windows which inspired this design: and

I used Hazel Knits Lively DK in the Vamp colorway, on US 6 / 4 mm needles. The shawl measures 60" x 26". (Disclaimer: The actual color of this yarn is darker than is showing. I find dark red so hard to photograph, I did my best, but if the red color is dark enough, the rest of the picture looks like it night time!)

The pattern can be found here:
Here are some pics of my new Richland design, an a... (show quote)

Absolutely gorgeous. The colour is truly beautiful.
Jul 17, 2019 17:47:48   #
Nanamel14 (a regular here)
Very beautiful
Jul 17, 2019 19:44:53   #
Rose1948 (a regular here)
What an awesome shawl.
Jul 17, 2019 20:33:51   #
peggywolff408 (a regular here)
Amazing, as usual! I lived in Buffalo before moving south so I know about that house. What a great way to be inspired!
Jul 17, 2019 21:20:56   #
It is for gorgeous!!
Jul 17, 2019 21:21:54   #
777cam wrote:
I just started this one in almost the same color. I have just about all of your shawls and made many for friends and family and even my neighbors. Love your designs. And thanks for the BOGO. I love how each shawl you design comes with a story. You are a very talented blessed person. God Bless you and thanks.

Thank you so much! And for buying the pattern too (and many others too it seems); I am so appreciate of your support of my design efforts. You'll have to let me know if you post pictures of your shawl. I do love a nice red too. Hugs to you.
Jul 17, 2019 21:22:42   #
Linda Haworth wrote:
Absolutely gorgeous. You should be so proud of your work. You never cease to amaze me. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work as always.


Linda, thank you sweetie, you are so kind.
Jul 17, 2019 21:23:19   #
deniser wrote:
WOW it’s gorgeous! In fact, I just bought it and Kassiani. Can’t wait to get started.

Thanks! I appreciate that. Hope you enjoy knitting them. Keep me posted and let me know if you post pics please!
Jul 17, 2019 21:24:12   #
amudaus wrote:
Another extremely beautiful design! Just love everything about it...I am hooked on your designs just starting Tendrilly.

Hi there! Thanks a bunch. And I can't wait to see that Tendrilly. Hope you are enjoying it.
Jul 17, 2019 21:29:06   #
Holly E wrote:
Truly, you are a gifted designer and this shawl is absolutely stunning.
Would you give some thought to possibly modifying your patterns to repurpose them into special offerings: (baby christening blanket, an evening poncho, a birthday scarf,) to increase your marketing opportunity and for the world to enjoy your art?

Thank you, what a nice comment. I'd love to have the time to be able to offer more special interest designs, but for now, that time is just not available to me for various reasons. It's all I can do to keep up with my current publishing schedule and everything that goes along with it! Plus I'm no spring chicken! (I have no idea how the young designers seem to be able to knock out 12 patterns a year or more!) That is a lovely idea though, so maybe if some time frees up in the future, I could consider that.
Jul 17, 2019 21:30:55   #
Suo wrote:
Another winner! I love reading about the inspiration for each of your designs. Makes the design so much more interesting!

Thank you very much! Glad to know you like me sharing about the inspiration, sometimes I wonder if people get tired of hearing me go on and on about it!
Jul 17, 2019 21:34:13   #
jeanne63 wrote:
Beautiful, as always. Dee, do you wear all these shawls? How do you store them?


Hi Jeanne! Thank you. I do have my favorites (I like the shape of Richland and regular triangles, so I wear them the most), and I wear most of them at least a few times a winter. I store them very carefully..... NOT! I fold them in a triangle and stack them 2 feets high on top of little tables I get at Home Goods, or I also have some in an antique trunk and then stack more of them on top of that. I toss them over my couches in my offices, and also over my dress forms. THey are pretty much everywhere between the 3 rooms of the house I use for my office. (My husband just accepts he only gets one room, bless his heart!)
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