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Beautiful baby bonnets
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Jul 17, 2019 06:42:43   #
Butterfly 55
Hi has anyone bought patterns from this site I paid for 2 on Thursday pdf format and still no sign I have sent 3 emails and not one reply
Jul 17, 2019 06:47:07   #
crochetthreads (a regular here)
What site did you buy the patterns from?
Jul 17, 2019 07:04:04   #
Did you get a conformation after buying the patterns?
Jul 17, 2019 07:40:00   #
Chrissy (a regular here)
The name of the site/seller would be helpful.
Jul 17, 2019 08:35:14   #
BobzMum (a regular here)
I have bought patterns from and had no issues receiving my purchase, but that was a long time ago.

It's strange that their eBay shop no longer exists,
The Etsy store = "Page not found" & and Facebook shows "Content not available at the moment"
Even "Max's Knit & Bitch" website no longer exists

Even the "Click here to join our mailing list" button gives a "404 Page not found" message.

They do have a Ravelry account but all links go back to the website for purchasing

As you've had no response at all, I would see about a refund.
Did you pay with PayPal? If so, I would file a claim for a refund.
Jul 17, 2019 09:48:51   #
Butterfly 55
Thanks for this yes I paid with PayPal I found the site on ravelry but it went to the site for ordering
Jul 18, 2019 10:11:04   #
Eichhornchen (a regular here)
That's why you don't pay for knitting patterns. There are so many free ones that you really don't have to buy them.
Jul 18, 2019 10:56:39   #
Did you create an account when buying them? If so, go back and check to see if they are stored there waiting for you to download them. This happens to me, but I usually get an email telling me they are ready to download.
Jul 18, 2019 12:21:54   #
Butterfly 55
No I got a invoice telling me I would get them in 48 hours and the money was taken I messaged raverly to let them know so nobody else gets taken on
Jul 18, 2019 16:01:30   #
mirl56 (a regular here)
don't forget to check your spam folder.
Jul 18, 2019 21:05:47   #
Nanamel14 (a regular here)
Check in your email receipt if it has a link added at the bottom etc....if not send a message to who you paid, maybe a glitch if not ask for a refund
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