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Crochet for my veggie garden
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Jul 17, 2019 09:14:05   #
Aisles (a regular here)
Here I have used some yarn, a crochet hook, some recycled plastic bottles and now I have dwarf beans and french marigolds
Who would have thought it crochet equals beans.
Who would have thought it crochet equals beans....
Jul 17, 2019 09:18:23   #
mover (a regular here)
Great idea.🇨🇦
Jul 17, 2019 09:19:53   #
ramonarhodes (a regular here)
Jul 17, 2019 09:33:18   #
Charlotte80 (a regular here)
Wonderful, you are giving me ideas.
Jul 17, 2019 09:36:34   #
Aisles (a regular here)
Charlotte80 wrote:
Wonderful, you are giving me ideas.

Brilliant. There are three bottles in that hanging tower and they all drip into each other and have a bowl underneath the last one to catch any remaning water. Then later I pour it back into the top. It saves space and saves water. If you leave the roots in at the end of the season and cut up the plant and put the cut up bits back into the bottle you improve the soil and can plant something else in it the next year. This tower will have Chard and forget-me-nots in it next year.
Jul 17, 2019 10:47:04   #
run4fittness (a regular here)
Jul 17, 2019 18:05:49   #
grandday (a regular here)
Great idea for gardens. Thank you.
Jul 17, 2019 19:01:37   #
Alpaca Farmer (a regular here)
Jul 18, 2019 07:02:57   #
kathleenTC (a regular here)
I like the color hidden in the green veggies.
Jul 18, 2019 07:45:26   #
betty boivin (a regular here)
What a great idea!
Jul 18, 2019 07:53:16   #
JoRae (a regular here)
Jul 18, 2019 17:05:23   #
Rose1948 (a regular here)
What a creative idea.
Jul 18, 2019 18:19:44   #
KnittyGritty800 (a regular here)
What a great recycling idea!
Jul 19, 2019 01:33:10   #
Nanamel14 (a regular here)
Great idea....nice fresh veggies
Jul 19, 2019 04:24:54   #
Aisles (a regular here)
Thank you everyone. I'm really enjoying this vertical garden/growing in a confined space and recylcing ethics even though I have large gardens. This is the first time I'm used crochet though it's my little experiment.
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