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FYI: Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball Sale
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Jul 23, 2019 14:33:55   #
The Reader

Lion Brand is having a 5 skeins for $10.00 online sale today for their Shawl in a Ball yarn. You must use SHAWLHAUL as the promo code at the check out page.

I tried ordering online without success, however; I called and was told they were experiencing problems with website maintenance and the site should be able to take online orders later today. The agent said she could not take a phone order because she used the same online site that purchasers used and was having trouble as well.
Jul 23, 2019 15:09:16   #
Yeah, I tried to buy today too and all I got was errors. I tried for about an hour on and off. I could get to the very last page with "place order" but the order wouldn't go through.
I emailed, and the rep told me the sale will be going on until Aug 1st, so hopefully what I wanted wont be sold out by then! Fingers crossed!
Hope some others can get through for the sale!
Jul 23, 2019 16:48:45   #
I had no problem in the morning guess I was lucky.
Jul 23, 2019 17:44:50   #
luree (a regular here)
I ordered and put the special code in twice and it didn't take. Now trying to cancel and they are closed. This has never happened before! Paying full price won't work for me!
Jul 23, 2019 18:43:31   #
Have any of you used that yarn?
Jul 23, 2019 18:50:46   #
I just tried and got a message that they are down for server maintenance and to try again in a few hours. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Jul 23, 2019 21:16:58   #
I have used Shawl in a ball a few times. I like it. Pretty colours.
Jul 24, 2019 06:14:49   #
It just worked for me after trying for an hour to place order and no payment choice coming up. I sent e mail to customer service and then 10 minutes later it worked. I got 15 skeins for $38 includes shipping. It’s 3 am California time.
Jul 24, 2019 09:37:43   #
I planned on getting 15 skeins too! But, it still wont work for me again today! So, I guess it's just not meant to be.
Hope everyone else can get to the sale!
Jul 24, 2019 09:49:13   #
Just tried it. Got an error message telling me the code was no longer valid. Bummed.
Jul 24, 2019 10:07:20   #
Beverooni (a regular here)
I haven't been on their site for a long time. They have lots of new yarn styles.
Jul 24, 2019 10:25:39   #
I just placed an order and it went through. The processing is a little slow but I think they are overwhelmed by the sale. Try again!
Jul 24, 2019 12:41:09   #
Could someone please copy/paste the link to the page? I can't even find it.
Jul 24, 2019 12:49:05   #

Make sure you order in multiple of five and use the code SHAWLHAUL at the bottom of the order. The price will then change to 5 for $10.00. Have fun!
Jul 24, 2019 12:49:21   #
I ordered about an hour ago and it went through fine. Lion Brand has some really great sales! I paid $16. for five rolls including shipping.
I am happy!
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