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General Chit-Chat (non-knitting talk)
Good Morning all & Thank You ... sl
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Jul 30, 2019 16:22:46   #
Welcome back Scottish Lassie, I'm glad no-one was seriously hurt. As others have said though, the shock can be something which takes longer to deal with. I hope you feel better day by day. xx
Jul 30, 2019 17:41:08   #
Patty Sutter (a regular here)
Big Hugs to you!
Glad you are back
Jul 30, 2019 18:06:09   #
So glad you are back.
I have missed you.
Good to hear that you were not seriously hurt and are on the mend.
Take time to heal and get back to where you were.
Jul 30, 2019 18:09:39   #
This is great news!
Jul 30, 2019 19:13:04   #
So glad to have you back! We're all grateful that no one was seriously injured, and we all missed your voice.

Thank you for coming back to us, and you have lots of folks sending healing thoughts your way.

Jul 30, 2019 19:39:20   #
Morgan Girl
Welcome back! I missed you! So glad to hear that neither you or Hugh, or the other party involved were seriously physically injured. But something like that sure can rattle the nerves, can't it? I hope that each day finds you feeling more and more like yourself.
Jul 30, 2019 20:37:59   #
6M2Creations (a regular here)
Welcome back! I'm so very glad that no one was badly hurt and that you're doing better.
Jul 30, 2019 20:42:31   #
so glad to see you are back, but take it slow, we all missed you but glad no one was seriously hurt, we don't realize how much we miss someone until we don't hear from them.
Jul 30, 2019 20:54:13   #
whitetail (a regular here)
So sorry this happened, glad everyone is okay.
Jul 30, 2019 21:03:43   #
Happy to hear that you are going to be completely yourself soon. I know it takes a while to feel normal. Just glad you are back.
Jul 30, 2019 21:31:00   #
peggywolff408 (a regular here)
So glad you are ok, we have truly missed you!
Jul 30, 2019 21:55:58   #
jtchip (a regular here)
Welcome back and glad you are doing well.
Jul 30, 2019 22:22:36   #
Glad all are safe and sound now. Accidents can rattle your nerves for a long time,even if no injuries.Your KP friends are here to listen24/7.
We are so glad to have your laughs back!
Jul 31, 2019 00:58:24   #
Welcome back, we have all of us missed you. I hope your & your husband are alright. Reita
Jul 31, 2019 01:16:38   #
janielha (a regular here)
Great to have you back!
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General Chit-Chat (non-knitting talk)
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