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When Do You Stop Reading a Book?
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Jul 31, 2019 08:47:49   #
My library has an adult summer reading program with small prizes in a drawing each week. Listening is fine too. Last week, I was listening to a book on HOOPLA - a free US library repository of books, audiobooks, movies and music - and doing housework. I had selected a book inspired by Jane Austen as I am in a JA reading group and there are plenty of items inspired by her writing on HOOPLA. Before I knew it, I had listened to two hours of an awful book. Essentially, it was about reenacting Jane's life which some might find interesting, but not me.

If I had been reading, I would have stopped early on. In years past, I would read to page 100 - two of my favorite books reread every year (Arundel, Rabble in Arms) would not have been relished without this rule.

As I age, I am reluctant to go to page 100. First, I amended that to page 50, now I am at whether or not I like the tone or the topic treatment in the first few pages.

What criteria do you have?
Jul 31, 2019 08:51:23   #
I read the whole book.
Unless I really dislike the characters - then I'll quit after a few pages.
If I make it to page 50 or 100, I've got to see it through
Jul 31, 2019 08:57:44   #
a.ledge (a regular here)
If I really don’t like the book after after a few chapters and I’m not wanting to get back to reading it, I just stop.
Jul 31, 2019 09:05:19   #
Miss Mittens
Life is too short to read boring books. If it doesn't capture my imagination within the first 4 chapters, I move on to something more exciting.
Jul 31, 2019 09:06:04   #
chubs (a regular here)
After the first 2 or 3 chapters,and I really can't get into it , then I quit . At my age,life is too short to read a uninteresting book.LOL
Jul 31, 2019 09:06:29   #
It depends on why I'm reading a book. As a Literacy Coach, I often have teachers saying that they can't get a child to read. So, I try to read widely to be able to help recommend books to students. I have a huge TBR list that is full of picture books, children's books, young adult and adult books. I'll never get through it in my lifetime.

If it's a book for me and not a children's book, I may give up after only a few chapters. I have too many books on the TBR list to waste time reading something that I won't enjoy. Having said that I only put books on the TBR list that I think I will like, therefore I rarely discard them.
Jul 31, 2019 09:07:01   #
tobo11 (a regular here)
At my age I don't have time to read a book I am not enjoying. As a high school librarian I used to tell students that it's ok to stop reading a book if you are not enjoying it. If it's an assignment they could listen to the book on tape/cd.
Jul 31, 2019 09:08:18   #
sherisails (a regular here)
My husband once told me that there is no test on a book. If I do t like it, I don’t read it. There are too many good books out there to waste time on something you don’t enjoy.
Jul 31, 2019 09:08:34   #
Since there are so many books to read, if i do not like a book after a few pages, I stop wasting my time. Part of the experience of reading is enjoying it, is my motto.
Jul 31, 2019 09:08:59   #
I learned about the 50-Page Rule a while back, and it helps, since life is too short to read bad books. Up until age 50, read the first 50 pages. Then feel free to quit if the book hasn't grabbed you. For every year OVER 50, you may subtract a page. 51 years old - quit after 49. 60 years old - quit after 40 pages. It's saved me from wasting a lot of time and kept the guilt fairy at bay.
Jul 31, 2019 09:10:01   #
LOL, I once read that you should take the number 100, subtract your age and that's what page you should quit if not interested!
Jul 31, 2019 09:16:58   #
The Reader
I used to make myself continue reading a book that I didn’t enjoy. Decided there are so many books on my “to read” list (kind of like my “to knit/crochet” list) that there isn’t any reason to keep reading something I don’t enjoy. I usually give it about 20-25 pages (if that) and then back to the library it goes. Sometimes I can tell even earlier that I’m just not into the book.

There are so many books out there and more are being written as we speak; move on!
Jul 31, 2019 09:53:27   #
charbaby (a regular here)
I used to finish a book, good or bad, because that's what you do - finish whatever you pick up whether it's a book, project, task. Now when the plot is dull or implausible or the author has written to much unnecessary junk just to fill the page, I stop reading. Take it back to the library or put it in the donate bag. I'm going to be 69 in December. I'm not wasting my time reading a poorly written book.
Jul 31, 2019 10:19:11   #
Sjlegrandma (a regular here)
About the second chapter or when I realise I have read it before which happens more often now.
Jul 31, 2019 11:27:21   #
Joy Marshall (a regular here)
I once took a writing course. The first rule I learned was you had to grab your reader's attention on the first page. I realized then that that was what I had always done when starting to read a book. If the first page didn't grab me, I probably wasn't going to enjoy the book. And if there was any dirty language on that first page, I took it as an indication that the writer had a poor vocabulary.
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