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Culling stash in Michigan
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Jul 31, 2019 09:22:38   #
I am weeding out my stash. I have a bunch of 100% acrylic sport weight in shades of brown through cream - enough for an afghan. I have a box full of tail ends of 100% cotton yarn - leftovers from dishcloths - at least enough for a row or two in a dishcloth of any color. I have some cone yarn - one maroon, two cream, one glittery - all but the glittery seem to be cotton. And there may be more - of assorted weights and fibers.

I am looking to DONATE this to someone who will use it. We can negotiate postage issues as needed. I would prefer (in order to keep costs down) to donate it in or near Michigan. PM me if you are interested. I will wait a day or two, because some people get the digest and that gives those johnny-on-the-spot people an advantage, I think.

Jul 31, 2019 09:28:18   #
What a nice thing to do! I hope you find somebody that is needing a little help in life. Will make their day.
Jul 31, 2019 09:37:33   #
mathrox (a regular here)
Wouldn't expect you to ship it anywhere .... surely there are church groups near you that knit/crochet for the needy. Also ask around at any local 55+ or assisted living places, senior centers and, if that doesn't yield any help, try the Girl Scouts or local schools. They often have beginner classes for kids and will welcome the free yarn.
Also, my groups in NJ (I am a member of 3 such groups) have an arrangement with a LYS ... they often come to work in the morning and find bags of donated yarn waiting for them. They can't resell it, legally, so they call us to come and get it. So call the LYS for suggestions.
The library also takes donations for their group AND there is one LYS that donates yarn to a women's shelter .... they conduct free classes there and, if the women create things they can sell (and they DO create some beautiful things), the store sells them in their store and gives the Knitter the full price earned. They believe in giving back to the community.

So many options .... I am sure that will be much easier for you than shipping the yarn to someone.
Jul 31, 2019 10:50:25   #
Hi, I am always looking for donations, and I make blankets for the needy, and I can use any yarn, as long as it is 12 " long, and I will also unravel things to get the yarn.TIA Christa Rossack
Jul 31, 2019 12:22:30   #
You could contact your local Legion Auxiliary. Many of the ladies make hats, scarves, lapghans, etc., for those in VA hospitals or homeless veterans. Either type of yarn could be used. If the cotton is shoe lace length, it could also be used for ditty bag ties - ditty bags are given out to hospital patients to carry their hygiene products or sometimes speciality kits like for feet, etc.
Jul 31, 2019 12:45:57   #
I would think there is someone local who could benefit from your generosity instead of postage costs....
Jul 31, 2019 13:17:19   #
Jul 31, 2019 14:36:07   #
mathrox (a regular here)
oma08 .... was that directed at a specific party?
Remember, we are all posting simultaneously, sometimes. Your previous message might not have been seen until after someone already posted.
Anger is uncalled for .... we are all just trying to help OP find some resources.
Aug 1, 2019 06:34:47   #
You can post your yarn on Freecycle, get someone local to pick it up, and pay no shipping. I answered a request for a bunk bed, and gave it away rather than have to pay for it to be collected by the refuse company.
Aug 1, 2019 07:23:05   #
Where in Michigan are you?
Aug 1, 2019 07:31:47   #
A local thrift shop is my favorite place to buy yarn. Unique Thrift supports Boys and Girls Clubs, gets things into the hands of those who can use them and is a great placed to send items I no longer need but are too good to throw out. Perhaps there is a similar place near you.
Aug 1, 2019 08:38:25   #
Kansas g-ma (a regular here)
Please contact local churches and ask if they sponsor prayer shawl groups-- they would put that yarn to good uses.
Aug 1, 2019 11:21:32   #
there are many local places to take unwanted yarn. Mine goes to the local elementary school art dept. The kids can be creative.
Churches/ Girl Scouts/ Senior Centers etc usually need yarn to make things they donate.

How kind of you to help others in this way.
Aug 1, 2019 11:23:03   #
oma08 wrote:

WHO was that aimed at !?

Do you need a cookie and glass of milk. ? Maybe a TIMEOUT !
Gosh don't say anything if you cant say it nicely.
Aug 1, 2019 12:12:23   #
For all of you with suggestions about how to get rid of my yarn without mailing it: here goes.

I live in a VERY small town in northern lower Michigan. I AM that lady that everyone in town, including strangers, brings their excess yarn to. The nearest Goodwill is an hour's drive away; I refuse to donate to them (check to see how much their CEO makes vs. how much he pays his developmentally disabled workers); St. Vincent de Paul is much closer and I refuse to support a church whose policies (anti-women) I disagree with; there is a local donation place and they don't charge anyone who comes in for clothes, household goods, etc. I donate MANY things to them and have seen items in that facility show up in local yard sales . . . why should I donate my (in some cases very good) yarn so somebody else can make money off it.

My way of handling the postage issue is this: I put an envelope in with the yarn. IF the recipient wants to reimburse me (which they are under no obligation to do, as I assume they are knitting items for donation of some kind or another), they are requested to put however much $$ they want IN CASH in the envelope and mail it to the AFC (adult foster care) facility where my developmentally disabled sister of blessed memory lived for many years. If the operator gets cash in the mail - it isn't a bribe. No need to tell them where it came from . . . pennies from heaven. Again, no obligation to donate, no desire on my part to know how much, if any, was donated.

If you have any issues with any of the above, please PM me and we can discuss this in private. Thank you all for your words of support.

I will be sorting through replies on Friday, and will try to notify all and sundry sometime on Sunday - I'm going on a knitting mini-retreat on Saturday. Mailings will probably go out on Monday.
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