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General Chit-Chat (non-knitting talk)
As many of you know I'm under the weather, lol
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Aug 24, 2019 19:36:10   #
kneonknitter (a regular here)
janallynbob wrote:
If anyone sent me a pm, and I didn't answer, I'm sorry, just let me know, my brain seems to have taken a vacation, and yes I'm fine, the surgeon said I might be forgetful for a couple of weeks, I think he's a lair and sent my brain to Mars, just for the fun of it, lol, at least I remembered to put the empty ice cream container back in the freezer, gotta laugh with me or at me, either will be fine,


Haha! So glad you are holding on to your sense of humor. It really is important to laugh. Anesthesia will do that to you & the longer you were under, the longer it takes for your brain to recover. Rest & relaxation are important factors in full recovery. Sending you xoxoxoxoxox.
Aug 24, 2019 19:44:17   #
leeannj (a regular here)
Best wishes. Recover well and quickly.
Aug 24, 2019 20:47:35   #
Definately keep your sense of humor! I'll add my prayers along with all the others.....Got to admit there's a lot of love here.
Aug 24, 2019 22:08:23   #
CindyAM wrote:
What that surgeon didn’t do is take your wonderful sense of humor! Hope you are feeling much better soon.

What she said!
Aug 25, 2019 08:26:35   #
Evie RM wrote:
Definitely keep that sense of humor. It is what gets us through. I have to wait until next Wednesday to get the results of the four biopsies (2 on each breast) that I had done this week. Prayers for a quick recovery for you.

Hope you have good news.
Aug 25, 2019 08:31:06   #
RobbiD wrote:
I hope you are healing well and feel better soon. But, at least the surgeon warned you ahead of time. I had a radical hysterectomy in January 2015. The only thing they told me, during my 4 day post-op hospital stay, was how much pain I was in (I wasn't) and that they needed to keep giving me pain meds because of the terrible pain I was (not) experiencing. Needless to say, they were unhappy that I kept refusing the pain meds. That surgery was followed by a carotid bypass surgery 6 weeks later. The Vascular surgeon made no mention of memory problems following surgery, either. Maybe I can use "anesthesia fatigue" as a reason for marrying my wonderful Hubby the week following the bypass surgery? I needed a keeper! LOL!
I hope you are healing well and feel better soon. ... (show quote)

Good decision to catch a keeper, I have one of them too!
Aug 25, 2019 10:03:38   #
Your posts are always such a treat. Your sense of humor and optimism will get you through this!
Aug 25, 2019 10:03:52   #
Sorry double post
Aug 25, 2019 13:50:53   #
d55n (a regular here)
Take care and heal, we need you here!
Aug 25, 2019 20:06:44   #
raindancer (a regular here)
I can just see you "walking the halls"! You do paint a wonderful, funny painting! So glad you have a terrific sense of humor! I do seriously hope all is going well for you and the family Jan! Keep us posted and laughing girl!
Aug 25, 2019 23:38:20   #
eneira12 (a regular here)
I'm glad you're recovering. Thinking recovery is an important part of that.
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General Chit-Chat (non-knitting talk)
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