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My GS came last in every sports trial event but.....
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Aug 23, 2019 22:53:17   #
Sjlegrandma (a regular here)
He was given a teachers award for participating in every event at the trials for the school sports carnival. Not sure about the award but Liam was determined to give it a go even though the boys only had to try for 3 events. Liam was aware that he would probably come last in every event, and he did, but he left for school with the mind set that he would try out for everything.
For a child who has had incredible health issues since birth, and endured 2 years of constant bullying at his last school I think he has a lot of guts. His greatest love is singing and performing and he studies both of those outside of school but he also missed out on a lead roll in the school musical and was very disappointed. He is in the chorus though and getting on with it regardless.
Thanks for reading as I know so many of you on KP have grandchildren that you love unconditionally like I do. Liam is the reason I keep going, my favourite grandchild. (Oops not meant to have a favourite)
Aug 23, 2019 23:27:56   #
Hilary4 (a regular here)
And with you in his corner, he is a success!
Aug 23, 2019 23:30:01   #
He sounds like a truly amazing grandson! Liam does have a lot of courage and determination. I applaud him for not giving up and striving so hard! Please keep us posted on his progress this school year. I feel like this kid will go places and be rewarded for his efforts. May all of our grandchildren give their all!
Aug 23, 2019 23:31:57   #
Good for him!!
Aug 23, 2019 23:38:55   #
youngie (a regular here)
Well done to Liam for his efforts. We are not all cut from the same cloth and everyone has a different path to follow. Some find it early and some later, and may be better for it. Life is not about winning or losing but how you play the game. I wish him well, and you too. We all have a reason to keep on keeping on.
Aug 23, 2019 23:41:10   #
Well done Liam. It’s not winning that counts but how you run the race. He has the greatest attitude and I bet he has the respect of teachers and students alike. You are a wonderful support to him and having you in his corner makes him a winner, hands down. Take a bow Grandma. Jen.
Aug 23, 2019 23:46:57   #
no1girl (a regular here)
what a great little boy you have! I used to wag school every Friday rather than participate in the sports. I still HATE sport. LOL

he just may turn out to be a great performer in the Arts!
Aug 23, 2019 23:48:01   #
Montana Gramma (a regular here)
I am so glad he is away from all that awful bullying and the awful teachers that allowed it. Sounds like he is growing into his own mind set of what he can accomplish and try hard to just participate. Kudos to him and to all of you that have his back!
Aug 23, 2019 23:53:17   #
heidiholly54 (a regular here)
That's awesome! Proud of Liam! And he's so lucky to have such a wonderful, supportive GM!💗
Aug 24, 2019 00:12:36   #
klrober (a regular here)
It's so great to have a grandma in his & music is also important in a students life & sounds like that is where he will excel....
Aug 24, 2019 00:17:08   #
fortunate1 (a regular here)
Liam is not coming in last! He came in first, first is courage, first in attitude, first in fearless, first in positivity, first in life. He won, he won just by trying! The first of many wins I see in his future!
Please give that boy an extra hug, and let him know, I think he is the winner!
Aug 24, 2019 01:35:17   #
Nanamel14 (a regular here)
Well done Liam, what a remarkable young boy he is, congratulations to his parents/care givers as they play a big part in how children behave.. I'm so glad he got away from those dreadful bullies and it sounds like this school really looks after their pupils
Aug 24, 2019 01:43:55   #
Sjlegrandma (a regular here)
Nanamel14 wrote:
Well done Liam, what a remarkable young boy he is, congratulations to his parents/care givers as they play a big part in how children behave.. I'm so glad he got away from those dreadful bullies and it sounds like this school really looks after their pupils

Thanks, yes no school is perfect, just as no child is perfect including Liam! but this school is about as good as you can get I think. The fact that this school prides itself on being a school that sings and music is compulsory in the junior school suits Liam very well. He was accepted on a choral scholarship as he is in the Cathedral choir, another commitment on his time as he has to sing every Sunday. ( not the most popular place in Melbourne at the moment!) so I happen there are no protesters at the Cathedral tomorrow.
Aug 24, 2019 02:00:55   #
BarbaraBL (a regular here)
Well done Liam for trying! He has a great future ahead of him.
Aug 24, 2019 02:47:18   #
Earth Mother (a regular here)
He sounds like a wonderful child. He deserves for you to be proud of him.

I have several favourite grandchildren...Beth because she's my eldest, Sylvie because she's the youngest, Tom because I saw him born, Wilf because he's cuddly, Frank because he's kind, etc etc etc x 14!!
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