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Interchangeable needle advice needed
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Aug 24, 2019 23:11:37   #
Need advice on what may be my best option or help finding a resource for additional cords to Tulip Carry C interchangeable
Looking for guidance and advice
When I first started knitting, by sheer luck (right time, right place) I bought my Tulip Carry C interchangeable needle set on sale. I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with them. I didn’t realize until recently how great the price was.
Last week Walmart online had the Carry C long needle set on sale for $100 (double what I paid for the first set at AC MOORE) but in my mind I thought “great a full backup set with sharp point needles and extra cords. When it arrived I looked at the set and thought “Am I crazy? $100? It would be great to have a backup since Carry C sets are expensive and hard to find. But I really only need cords?”

So fellow KPrs does anyone know either where I can buy cables for Tulip Carry C interchangeables, have a set they don’t use or don’t like and will sell inexpensively, or does it make sense to rejoice in the sale price and keep the new set. I need someone to say yea or nay on this impulse buy. Thanks so much
Aug 24, 2019 23:38:41   #
lkb850 (a regular here)
Look at Blueprint... used to be Craftsy. They have Tulip bamboo needles. I don't know if this is the same as what you have. If so, they advertised cables. I don't know if they are what you need. Perhaps you could call them.
Aug 25, 2019 00:21:00   #
GrumpyGramma (a regular here)
I think this site has 24" and 32" cables if they're what you need.
Aug 25, 2019 00:55:10   #
klrober (a regular here)
Those are really nice bamboo needles....kinda puts the Clover brand in a different category.....I like screw on join too.
Aug 25, 2019 01:41:04   #
Nanamel14 (a regular here)
I'd not heard of them before, Handsome fibers sell a lot of needles and accessories, but I don't think I've seen that brand sold their...
Hope you can find some extra cords
Aug 25, 2019 07:23:53   #
Ladyj960 (a regular here)
Have you tried Amazon or eBay? Just a thought.
Aug 25, 2019 23:00:51   #
Thanks everyone.
Blueprint/Craftsy has clearanced out almost all their parts. I had bought a few extra cords and needles from them last year. Wish I had more money at the time and that I knew it was going to be harder to get more cords.

Thank you for the Mason-Dixon suggestion. They have cords, and I will probably get a few from them — especially the longest one — but I was really hoping to find some 16”. MD also proved my point about how expensive the Tulip can be (worth it if you can afford I am very thankful I found mine on sale) MD only sells the long needle set hence the reason why no 16”

Thanks please keep the suggestions coming
Aug 31, 2019 18:47:24   #
Hello everyone. Thanks for your advice.
A number of suggested companies had nothing. Most had the full Carry C kit for considerable more money than I had purchased it for.

I recently watched a video by Staci at VeryPink Knits talking about the wonders of the ChiaGoo tiny (#1 needles and up) interchangeable sets so I had decided to return the Tulip kit to Walmart and pursue the ChiaGoo set sometime in the future.

Having made the decision👏YIPEE 👏 I accidentally stumbled across the wool warehouse site that not only had the Tulip Carry C complete kit for less money, but also a solid inventory of the cords which is all I really needed for my current Tulip set in the first place. So win win all around for me.
And I bought a skein of sock yarn.
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