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General Chit-Chat (non-knitting talk)
Bears and More Bears.
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Aug 29, 2019 16:18:29   #
There are some really cute clips of bears being bears and having a good time.
Aug 29, 2019 16:24:53   #
bettyirene (a regular here)
How lovely to see these bears enjoying the life God has given them.
Aug 29, 2019 16:25:49   #
whale watcher (a regular here)
I love bears!
Aug 29, 2019 16:32:43   #
Thank you to 'bettyirene' and 'whale watcher' for your nice comments !.. I also like to watch these bears, knowing for sure, that they will never come into my 'garden' !..
Aug 29, 2019 17:11:13   #
charbaby (a regular here)
Bears are beautiful! The water in that fountain urn holding the 2 young ones sure was murky. Probably the best bath they had all season! The one in the snow amusing himself with that springy sapling is really adorable. Love seeing wildlife! Thanks for sharing!
Aug 29, 2019 18:23:07   #
no1girl (a regular here)
we do not have bears IS fun to see them on the computer!!
Aug 29, 2019 18:52:24   #
berigora (a regular here)
Splendid - thanks for the smiles!
Aug 29, 2019 22:14:46   #
run4fittness (a regular here)
Thanks for the link.
Aug 30, 2019 07:05:46   #
roseknit (a regular here)
We have them wandering around the area at night, one mother and her cubs just yesterday
Aug 30, 2019 12:27:33   #
alwaysforyou (a regular here)
Thanks for sharing that cute link :) Lynn
Aug 30, 2019 15:30:44   #
Bears are dangerous and wild animals! I love to see them enjoying themselves in nature and they sure are cute. But to see people petting them and hand feeding them makes me shudder. There was just a story in our local paper about a woman needing over 50 stitches after being mauled by a bear.
Aug 30, 2019 16:54:15   #
How cute and nice they can enjoy themselves.
General Chit-Chat (non-knitting talk)
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