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Hello from Yorkshire
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Sep 6, 2019 16:25:29   #
Cecilia Theresa
Hello everyone! I'm stuck on a project. Does anyone know of a way to Kitchener stitch single rib?
I've found a couple of tutorials on YouTube, but I can't follow any of them!
Sep 6, 2019 16:37:37   #
Country Living
very interesting not able to help but sure want to watch this one. hope your day is good..
Sep 6, 2019 17:07:20   #
janallynbob (a regular here)
Welcome, from Florida, how's the weather there, good I hope,

Sep 6, 2019 17:34:14   #
Have you watched the video on Kitchener stit h is used to join seams in single knitted seams e.g for socks. Is this what you mean?
Sep 6, 2019 17:38:58   #
Britknitar (a regular here)
Hello and Welcome.
Sep 6, 2019 17:53:02   #
Celt Knitter (a regular here)
Welcome from the red rose side of the border!

You will need to separate the knit stitches and purl stitches on to separate needles....4 needles in total.

Here's a couple of links. The first one is from Interweave, an American knitting magazine, and it has very clear stitch diagrams:

The second is text but it is very detailed:

This one is simple text as well, but she has a simple explanation.
Another text with a summary at the end.

This one is mainly photographs....she just uses 2 needles:
Sep 6, 2019 17:54:42   #
heidiholly54 (a regular here)
Hi! And welcome from Neshkoro Wisconsin. Sorry can't help you, have never done kitchner stitch.
Sep 6, 2019 18:23:55   #
Cecilia Theresa
Well THANK YOU everyone. I'm amazed at the prompt and immensely helpful response. I'll have another crack at it tomorrow. X
Sep 6, 2019 18:54:09   #
NanaMc (a regular here)
Welcome from Alabama!
Sep 6, 2019 20:51:28   #
run4fittness (a regular here)
Hello and welcome.
Sep 6, 2019 23:42:36   #
youngie (a regular here)
Welcome from Perth, Western Australia.
Sep 7, 2019 01:51:57   #
Hello and welcome from Manitoba Canada
Sep 7, 2019 04:19:41   #
joanmary1 (a regular here)
Welcome from the Uk.
Sep 7, 2019 05:41:49   #
Welcome. Sorry, can’t help. I’m no expert.
Sep 7, 2019 05:42:46   #
mikebkk (a regular here)
Hello from Thailand - sorry I can't help.
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Introduce Yourself
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