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Introduce Yourself
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Sep 8, 2019 18:44:06   #
Hi there new member Noelene
Love knitting have been doing it for over 60 years
Okay at it however nowadays the tension is not as good as it used to be Arthritis
I am slowly regaining my eyesight after Corneal Transplant so have picked up the needles again after 15 months
I live in Australia and as the weather gets very hot here I can only knit in the cooler months
Looking forward to being on this site
Sep 8, 2019 18:52:03   #
Neeterbug (a regular here)
Welcome from sunny and beautiful Arizona.
Sep 8, 2019 18:55:06   #
janiceknits34 (a regular here)
Welcome from Chicago!
Sep 8, 2019 18:59:20   #
Georget (a regular here)
Welcome. We're glad you've found this site. You'll get a lot of ideas about how to knit in hot weather. I too suffer from arthritis. What do you knit? Perhaps smaller items could be knitted in hot weather so they're not resting on your lap. Or could you find a breakfast tray to span your lap (u-shaped) and put your work in progress over it or on top? Since you've knitted over sixty years you're what the Bible calls a "wise one."
Sep 8, 2019 19:01:26   #
mattie cat (a regular here)
Welcome from California.
Sep 8, 2019 19:05:45   #
Welcome from Maryland USA
Sep 8, 2019 19:05:56   #
maureenb (a regular here)
Welcome from Pennsylvania!
Sep 8, 2019 19:26:59   #
welcome BC
Sep 8, 2019 19:30:11   #
Ellebelle (a regular here)
Hello, Noelene, from the Kawarthas in Central Ontario, Canada. Glad you could join us. Yes it can be hard to practice our craft in the heat of the summer, but I suppose if you pick your projects....

You'll find so much helpful information, inspiration and camaraderie here in paradise. Welcome.
Sep 8, 2019 19:31:31   #
Welcome from Northern California! ( Eureka)!
Sep 8, 2019 19:36:35   #
gardenlady4012 (a regular here)
Welcome from boiling hot Florida! I hope you will find everything that you’re looking for here.
Sep 8, 2019 19:44:35   #
edithann (a regular here)
Hi, and welcome from Northern Virginia..
Sep 8, 2019 19:51:10   #
scottybearNSW (a regular here)
Hi there, welcome from country New South Wales. In summer I knit sitting in front of the airconditioner.
Sep 8, 2019 20:02:17   #
heidiholly54 (a regular here)
Hi! And welcome from Neshkoro Wisconsin USA! You'll love it here!
Sep 8, 2019 20:02:18   #
charbaby (a regular here)
Welcome from northeastern Ohio, USA!
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Introduce Yourself
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