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Help in presentation, please.
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Sep 11, 2019 15:30:20   #
I am knitting wash cloths for a church bazaar. I would like a pretty presentation of items, so, should I wash cloths perhaps in a lightly scented fabric softener in rinse. I would so appreciate any ideas members have in a finished product that is appealing to buyers. Thankyou in advance.
Sep 11, 2019 15:35:14   #
Susan from NJ
I wish I had some ideas for you, but I don't.

Please don't be offended, but I do have a suggestion though. As I am sensitive to various scents, I would stay away from that if I were you. I would not be able to purchase them no matter how wonderful they were and I'm sure that they will be.

Good luck at the bazaar!
Sep 11, 2019 15:37:09   #
Orillialovesto knit (a regular here)
There are so many places now that have 'no scent please' signs up. Perhaps ask at your Church to see if they have that policy. Some people here have made the wash cloths into little flowers and such. If that sort of thing appeals to you, it might be worth looking into. Otherwise I think people like to see little stacks of 4 or 5 cloths together. I've seen them that way at our local farmers' market.
Sep 11, 2019 15:39:07   #
Thank you about the reminder in regard to scents! One of my GD has an allergy to some scents.
Sep 11, 2019 15:39:46   #
rainie (a regular here)
I would wash them but nothing scented. There are too many odors in the world. I love vanilla, my daughter is nauseated by it. You could lose a sale from the most pleasant scent.
Sep 11, 2019 15:42:17   #
charliesaunt (a regular here)
I would not use a scented softener. There are people who are sensitive.

Perhaps putting 2 of the same color or contrasting colors together, tied with raffia.
Sep 11, 2019 15:46:03   #
jberg (a regular here)
I went to a play yesterday with my sister. She had bought a small bag of pine air freshener in one of the gift shops before the play. All during the play all I could smell was the pine. The lady next to us thought maybe the theater was having it "piped" in somehow. I found it bothersome even tho my sister finally put it under her bag and under the seat. I would stay away from scents altogether. Maybe drape some of the cloths over a nice glass dish with a bar of soap in it, or tuck it into a nice glass with a bottle of detergent next to it. Be creative...but not with the scent. Good luck and Happy Needling. jberg

just remembered that there is a way to roll them into little dolls....might also be nice are the suggestions below.
Sep 11, 2019 15:46:45   #
Knitting in the Rockys (a regular here)
Little stacks of cloths tied with grosgrain ribbon always make for a nice presentation...skip adding scent of any kind though. You can also roll cloths into flowers or shape them into bunnies.
Sep 11, 2019 15:48:07   #
kaixixang (a regular here)
You CAN get the scent less/Oder free fabric softener sheets...All makes a detergent that has no colors or scent added

If I had not had a bad reaction to room deodorizer scent I would not need to know/use both of the above items!
Sep 11, 2019 16:19:19   #
ChasingRainbows (a regular here)
My church is a perfume free facility, to accommodate those with allergies and sensitivities.
Sep 11, 2019 16:19:23   #
ChasingRainbows (a regular here)
Double post.
Sep 11, 2019 16:30:34   #
Palma Asd (a regular here)
If I knit or crochet something for someone I use a piece of yarn and sew it through the yarn wrap and tie it around the gift so that the person knows what kind of material it is and how it should be washed and dried and I mark my lips with lipstick and give a kiss on the wrapper; that is as long as I use lipstick my trademark...

But you can also print cards like this...


Sep 11, 2019 17:12:24   #
seamer45 (a regular here)
Please, be kind to all of us who have any degree of allergies or asthma and don’t use any scent on them. And not everyone likes scented softeners. I gave away 5 nearly new. sweat suit sets because I couldn’t get the scent of downy out of them. You could put a small card in the corner if rolling them would hide a design. Use a small ribbon bow and a tiny pearl threaded on. That would be pretty.
Sep 11, 2019 17:14:17   #
targa416 (a regular here)
Many yarn wrappers say “do not use fabric softener”, and also they are heavily scented, so I wouldn’t do that.
Sep 11, 2019 17:21:41   #
Becca (a regular here)
Learn how to fold them into flowers.plenty of instructions on youtube.
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