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Travails of a knitwit
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Sep 12, 2019 11:44:27   #
MissNettie (a regular here)
If you are easily bored, just skip this.

Wanting to knit a scarf from yarn made from our sheep (it had to be something small because I did not have much), I searched through my disorganized enormous pile of patterns and found nothing suitable. So I lit on a book of stitch patterns by Leisure Arts and chose a snowflake pattern, thinking it would be simple to add an edge to keep it from curling and I would be off to the races. I had been knitting Grandma's favorite dishcloths regularly and learned how to do the slip stitch edge on them to make them really fine.
I thought I could put the slip stitch edge the same way on my scarf, so I started out casting on 23 stitches, five on each side for the seed stitch border and 13 for the snowflake pattern center. I was buzzing along with the seed stitch bottom five rows when I discovered that my slip stitch edge was not looking right. Don't laugh. I had no idea that how you slip the stitch depended on how you ended the previous row. So I ripped it out before I got to the part where I started the snowflakes and fiddled with it until I figured how to get the edge right.

When I got it right up to the point where I started the pattern, I really ran into trouble. Just looking, it seemed simple enough but the way it was written was so detailed it was hard to follow. When you are used to ssk and that way of writing a pattern, all the slip one, knit one, PSSOs get confusing. Beyond that, the pattern never gave a number of stitches in a row. So I expected that I would always have the usual 23 unless I made a mistake.

And did I make mistkes. I frogged and ticked until I about wore the yarn out. Decided the get out some acrylic and make a sample to learn on.

Found a partial skein of red that I had used for Christmas stuff and cast on. Did the seed stitch and the slip stitch border but not without some .ticking. Did not start on the snowflake part for a while so there I was,just practicing the seed stitch and slip stitch border until I got it under control. Then I started the pattern and the frogging and ticking. Sometimes I just left the mistakes and went on if it did not matter.

Early on in the pattern I learned that some rows would increase my stitch count by 4, giving me 27 stitches and then another row later on would decrease it enough to get it back to 23 stitches. I thought the pattern should have mentioned that but all it said was the pattern was 6 stitches repeated +1. That I understood. I could have cast on 7 or 13 or 19 or any multiple of 6, added one and 10 for the border.

This thing got sent somehow. I went to the restroom and came back and it had been sent. We have a ghost and I did not know he could type but he moves things and turns things on and off. Anyway I guess he figured it was long enough.

All I had left to tell you was that I now have a 50 inch red scarf that is pretty if you don't care about the pattern. It is a weird screwed up mess, but not to the people who do not know knitting and crocheting and the fiber arts. I am not going to rip it out. I think I have a home for it, maybe. There is a shelter and I understand that the women that come there often have children with them and they have nothing but the clothes on their backs. So maybe one of those children would like a red scarf and would not care about the pattern. I have started the one in wool and an putting in a lifeline every 12th row.

If you read this you need not reply. I know I have bored you to death and I am sorry but I just had to get it all off my chest and DH won't listen. MN
Sep 12, 2019 12:05:16   #
shoppingwithsunshine (a regular here)
I would have given up and ditched it ! And I understand about your DH not listening - mine seems to be permanently switched off - unless it is about his beloved football!,
Sep 12, 2019 12:07:24   #
What a hoot! Your patience is amazing and some little girl is going to love her red scarf because, really, who cares about the pattern when you didn’t know there was supposed to be one!
Sep 12, 2019 12:10:54   #
You gave it your “all”, then gave it to someone who will love it! I think you can be happy your efforts are not for nothing! Congratulations!
Sep 12, 2019 12:11:20   #
So sorry you are having trouble with this. I am sure you will manage to get the hang of it soon. There are so many great people here that can and will help with whatever question/problem you are having.

In the mean time, do donate the practice scarf. There are so many people out there that could use something warm.

Happy Knitting
Have a great day
Sep 12, 2019 13:02:12   #
sritchie1145 (a regular here)
I wish you had posted a picture of it! After reading all of it, I figured we would get to see it!
Sep 12, 2019 13:27:52   #
Dsynr (a regular here)
1. Tales of knitting mishaps do NOT bore me. I am making the "Skoosh Shawl" for myself.
2. I could write a book about my own mishaps; but it would take the rest of my life, and I'd rather be knitting.
3. F'r instance, this morning-commute-knitting, I kept making purl sts in the knit rows and vice versa.
I also "LOST" MY ROW COUNTER [it had fallen between the seats] and had a heck of a time getting
it out.
4. Bc the pattern has purl ridges every 8 rows and adds 16 sts every section, it is essential that I'm in the right row every time.
5. So far, there's a couple of places where there are either too many rows between the ridges or too few.
I am most certainly not taking any rows out to remedy that situation.

Does that make me a "knitwit"? I don't think so

And I don't think you are a "knitwit", either
Sep 12, 2019 13:34:12   #
peanutpatty (a regular here)
I like to say that I'm an expert at fixing mistakes because I've made them all. Lots of practise!! LOL
Sep 12, 2019 13:36:53   #
44gram (a regular here)
I read it all. I was not bored and I commiserate with you.
Sep 12, 2019 14:05:37   #
martina (a regular here)
Not bored by your post. The person receiving it won’t care about the mistakes but will be glad of your gift.
Sep 12, 2019 15:29:21   #
jersgran (a regular here)
Welcome to my world!!
Sep 12, 2019 15:37:16   #
Jessica-Jean (a regular here)
sritchie1145 wrote:
I wish you had posted a picture of it! After reading all of it, I figured we would get to see it!
Me, too!!

knitwit = someone who has wit (= knowledge in today's use of the language) about knitting.

nitwit = someone with the mental capacity of a nit (= the egg of a louse).

I think the first applies to you, but not the second.
Sep 12, 2019 16:19:54   #
You are so determined. I would have given up even before switching to the red yarn. Kudos to you for sticking with it. After all you mistakes and discoveries I'm sure the second scarf will go easier and have fewer to no mistakes. Good luck
Sep 12, 2019 18:36:14   #
krashdragon (a regular here)
Naw, love to read about other people knitting. Just so I dont feel alone when I do stupid stuff, its nice to know other people struggle too.
Sep 12, 2019 18:48:08   #
Congratulations on your patience and perseverance.
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