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Joji Locatelli’s Sterlyn Shawl
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Sep 14, 2019 09:57:00   #
Does anyone have advice on how to make this smaller, more of a shawlette? And mor importantly, how to calculate how much yarn I would need?
Sep 14, 2019 10:18:17   #
rainie (a regular here) left off the last lace. I would try to figure out how to reduce the size of the beginning eyelet part and leave the lace intact.
Sep 14, 2019 11:18:21   #
impressive looking shawl
Sep 14, 2019 11:42:42   #
knit4ES (a regular here) uses 900 yards of sock/fingering yarn
that`s about two 100 gram skeins of a typical fingering yarn.

to refigure the amount you need, you will have to figure out the dimensions of one you want to make.
then figure out what percentage smaller it is.... and apply that to the 900 yards specified.
if you don`t want to do all that math .... find a shawlette pattern that is the size you`d like made in that kind of yarn
it would be a close guess
Sep 14, 2019 14:34:49   #
Here's one that's similar, you could change the body to incorporate the lace in the Sterlyn.
Sep 15, 2019 13:13:29   #
Gram Jonni
It clearly states how much of each color required. If you want to leave off the blue rows you can just use the yardage required for white & gray.
Sep 17, 2019 19:49:12   #
luree (a regular here)
User-Submitted How-tos, Patterns, Tutorials
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