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Kiwi Knits Hope Bunny Pattern
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Sep 15, 2019 20:41:39   #
Kiwi in Texas (a regular here)
For those of you who wanted my bunny pattern, here you are.

Kiwi Knits Hope Bunny

Can use any yarn. Use needles a size or two smaller than recommended for the yarn chosen. You want the knitting to be tight enough that the stuffing isn’t easily seen. The toy is knit in stockinet stitch except for the ears which are garter stitch.

Starting at the head:
Cast on 14 stitches. Knit 1 row.
Row 2: increase in each stitch across--28 stitches.
Continue in stockinette stitch until a total of 16 rows.
Row 17: *K 1, P 1, Repeat from * across. This is the neckline row.
Row 18 - 20: continue in stockinette stitch.
Row 21: K 6 sts, k 2 sts tog, yo, k 12 sts, yo, k 2 sts tog, k 6 sts. These yarn overs make the holes to run the arms through.
Continue knitting for a total of 40 rows from cast on.

Divide for legs: Row 1: Knit across 14 stitches. Put remaining 14 stitches on a stitch holder.
Rows 2 - 16:Continue in stockinette stitch. Cut a lengthy yarn tail, thread it through a tapestry needle then gather these 14 stitches off the needle.
After putting stitches held on stitch holder onto knitting needle, continue for a total of 16 rows for other leg.

Arms: One length of knitting makes both arms.
Leaving about 6 inch length of yarn, cast on 12 stitches.
Knitting in stockinette stitch, purl the first row and continue in stockinette stitch for a total of 44 rows. After threading a tapestry needle gather stitches off of knitting needle. Pull tight and then seam for about 12 rows. Don't tie off yet. Sew the other end by gathering the cast on stitches tightly then seam about 12 rows but don't tie off yet.
Don't stuff the arms except for a tiny bit in the hand area, if you desire.

Sewing up:
Starting with the legs, sew together uisng the mattress stitch. When legs are seamed, stuff. Continue to seam up the center back for about 4 rows.

Now take the arms piece by one end, from the outside of bunny poke the arms piece end through the armhole, across the inside of the bunny and out the armhole on the other side. Position it as evenly as you can.
Now seam the rest of the bunny stuffing a little as you go. When you get to the top of the head and have plenty of stuffing in the bunny, cinch up the yarn at top of head tightly and close, tie tightly and hide yarn tail inside bunny.

Now back to the arms.
Seam the arm until it is at the bunny underarm. Take a couple of stitches into the bunny to keep arm in proper position. Repeat for other arm.

Ears: At top of head to the side of center, pick up 3 sts. Knit 1 row.
Next row: Increase one stitch at each end. 5 stitches.
Garter stitch (knit every row) for 13 rows.
Next row: Decrease one stitch at each end. 3 stitches.
Next row: Slip 1, knit 2 together, pass slipped stitch over. Pull yarn through and cut. Repeat for other ear. Tuck yarn tails inside bunny.

Neckline: Thread a length of yarn in tapestry needle and run it through every other stitch at neckline, cinch it to size you want neck to be. Hide yarn tail in bunny.

Embroider face as desired.

The overalls/dungarees are from the book "50 Knitted Dolls".


Sep 15, 2019 20:45:20   #
Maureen Therese (a regular here)
Thank you Kiwi. Could you direct me to the photo of your bunny please. I know it was in a previous post but I'm unsure of how to find it.
Sep 15, 2019 20:51:40   #
kaixixang (a regular here)
Nice! It is taking me a while to copy and paste information I want...but you don’t learn by merely reading, you have to do steps of an activity a few times before you get the idea memorized.

Photo included for my file.
Sep 15, 2019 21:02:20   #
knit4ES (a regular here) is the picture of the bunny
Thanks for the the pattern
Sep 15, 2019 21:13:43   #
Susan-Knits-Too (a regular here)
Thank you Kiwi in Texas, it’s very generous of you to share your pattern 💖
Sep 15, 2019 21:25:02   #
Casper1 (a regular here)
Very cute!
Sep 15, 2019 21:42:28   #
Thank you from me also; you are being very generous
Sep 15, 2019 21:55:31   #
NanaG (a regular here)
Thank you, Kiwi, for so generously sharing your bunny pattern. She is adorable, and I have a feeling many of us are going to be giving it a try.
Sep 15, 2019 21:56:03   #
marilyn skinner
Thank you very much. I know a couple of brand new munchkins who will love this. 😍
Sep 15, 2019 22:19:36   #
Bonnie7591 (a regular here)
Thanks for sharing your pattern, it’s so cute
Sep 16, 2019 04:29:59   #
Thank you for your kindness and generosity in sharing this beautiful pattern. Much appreciated.
Sep 16, 2019 05:08:12   #
johannecw (a regular here)
Thanks for sharing your cute bunny pattern!
Sep 16, 2019 05:33:08   #
jojo111 (a regular here)
What a cutie-patootie! Thank you so much for the pattern.
Sep 16, 2019 06:00:58   #
You are very talented to have created such a pattern--and by your generosity, there will be many of these lovelies out there in the near future.
Sep 16, 2019 06:35:23   #
NRoberts (a regular here)
Thank you
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User-Submitted How-tos, Patterns, Tutorials
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