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Machine Knitting
Studio 560 help
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Sep 20, 2019 04:21:20   #
I have searched KP for help but am still confused. I recently purchased a Studio 560 but it has no mylar sheets. But I was given many punchcards Does the 560 ONLY accept the plastic mylars? Or are those just for designing your own patterns? Can a pattern printed on regular paper be used?
Sep 20, 2019 06:48:59   #
The SK560 will read preprinted mylar sheets, or mylar sheets that you have marked yourself using a 2B pencil. The punchcards can not be used. The Knit Radar on the SK560 will read garment shapes that you mark yourself on regular paper. You don't indicate where in the world you live. I have an extra set of the preprinted mylar sheets and I am in Canada.
Machine Knitting
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