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Machine Knitting
G Carriage KG93 help
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Sep 20, 2019 10:00:38   #

So I am new to machine knitting and now that I have figured out using the K carriage I thought I would try out the G carriage

I am using a Brother KH940 and the G carriage KG93

I am following the instructions for cast on but strangely the machine is skipping every seventh stitch when casting on. From what I have read it seems g-carriage can be very finicky and tend to drop stitches if all the needles are not perfect...but I just thought it was strange that it was every seventh stitch like it was doing a pattern..

any advice is greatly appreciated!
Sep 20, 2019 13:31:54   #
randiejg (a regular here)
It has to be a pattern programming issue if it's repeating every seventh stitch. I'm not familiar with your model machine or G-carriage, but check both instruction books (for your machine and G Carriage), and look for info about turning off the patterning when casting on.

If you can't find your manuals for your machine or G-Carriage, you can download free copies from
Sep 21, 2019 07:22:28   #
Rita in Raleigh
Do as Randiejg says, check your manuals. You must set 3 levers on the gc...all to the right(even though the gc will move to the left). Push the memo button on your km. Make sure you turn on the km before moving the gc to where you are going to cast on, so that the sensors will recognize the gc and the gc light (on the km) will turn on.
It sounds like you forgot to push the memo button, a problem that I have been known to do <G>
Machine Knitting
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