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Machine Knitting
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Apr 9, 2012 07:14:47   #
Hi. I am learning to machine knit and thought that I would like to put patch pockets on the front of a cardigan that I am knitting for my grandaughter, but I am not sure how to go about this. I cant find anything on the internet,so do I have to knit the pockets and sew them on by hand or is there an easier way.
Thanks. Eirwen.
Apr 10, 2012 02:13:02   #
Since you are learning I would make them separate and then sew them on. You can knit them in but it's pretty tricky for a beginner.
Apr 10, 2012 03:47:47   #
Thanks Leann, I guess I will have to do sew them in . I have been looking at the ready made cardigans, and they look as if they are knitted in, but it does look complicated.
Apr 10, 2012 04:17:01   #
Moira Palmer
Hi Eirwen - yes, sewing a pocket on is definately the easiest way but if you do want to add a concealed pocket here is an easy way. These instructions are for a babysize cardigan in 4 ply wool, but you could easily add more stitches/rows for an older child.
POCKET LINING - using MY cast on 17 sts. RC 000. Using MT work 18rows. Transfer sts onto WY, K a few rows then remove from KM.
FRONTS - K rib then 18 rows MT.
PLACE POCKET LINING - slip centre 17sts of front onto a stich holder. With P side of pocket facing, place pocket lining stitches onto empty needles. Unravel WY. Continue/ complete front.
POCKET TOPS - Using knitting needles suitable for the wool, rejoin wool and K across stitches on holder. K 4 rows in rib. Cast off.
TO FINISH - neatly sew pocket lining and sides of pocket top in place.
It's not as difficult as it sounds - just make sure it's big enough to get a hand in! I usually try half the number of stitches of the cardigan front and about the same number of rows for the pocket - if it's too big/small it's easily pulled out - before you add it to the cardigan.
Good luck with you KM! Moira
Apr 10, 2012 06:17:43   #
Thanks Moira, I think they would probably look neater, I will definitely have a go at these.I dont think I would be able to hand sew the patch pockets tidy enough.
Apr 10, 2012 07:28:42   #
You can attach the pockets using the machine - no hand sewing at all! Select the garment stitches to which you wish to attach the pocket. With the garment upside down and right side facing you pull the needles through the garment to holding position. Again with right side facing you hook the bottom stitches of the pocket on to the needles and pull the stitches through the garment so that only the pocket stitches are on the needles. Knit one row and cast off loosely. Repeat with sides of pocket. Pocket attached and no sewing!
Apr 10, 2012 07:55:00   #
if you are going to do patch pockets and sew them on buy hand.Knit the pockets first then when you come to knit the fronts take one stitch out of work the width of the pocket and for the depth of the pocket>remember to pick the stitch up after the pocket depth.When you go to sew the pocket on you have a nice straight line to follow.Hope this helps.
Apr 10, 2012 12:06:30   #
Thank you so much for of your replies. I will have a go at all your sugestions using some scrap wool to see how easy they are.This will be interesting.
Apr 11, 2012 14:01:54   #
gweneir wrote:
Thank you so much for of your replies. I will have a go at all your sugestions using some scrap wool to see how easy they are.This will be interesting.

I bet you never knew there were so many ways to put on a pocket! LOL
Apr 13, 2012 07:36:55   #
I am so impressed. No, I didnt know there were so many ways to sew on a patch pocket.I am realy intrgued by Elis`s reply,I will definitely have a go at that to see how it works out.
Machine Knitting
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