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Machine Knitting
questions regarding a passap duo cleanup
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Apr 11, 2012 11:25:23   #
I have been recovering from a nasty bit of food poisoning, and even though I have been recovering my forced inactivity has been chaffing. Especially with projects in limbo. Though I do feel loads better, and my hands have stopped hurting from a marathon knitting session. No doubt due to the enforced inactivity of being as weak as a kitten. If fact I am allowed to have Coffee Today, and from not having any coffee for 3 days boy am I in heaven.

Anyways onto the bones of what I have been obsessing over.

I have been finished with deep cleaning my Passap Duo for a few weeks. However I have carbon deposits on all of my pushers, needles, and u-shafts. The U-shafts being the best with only minor deposits, as they were in the best condition with mainly flash rust, with a little surface starting on a handful. The Needles being the worst, as the black gunk setting on the needles was a perfect way for moisture to sit. From the solution I used to get rid of all of the rust that was starting to form. I have already started the task of hand polishing the bits back to nice new slick and shiny.

That is hard work, and a pain in the rear. I have tried, 'carbon-off' it helped a tish bit, I only did the needles in that, as getting the carbon off of the latches are important so they open and close easily.

I am stumped, I would dislike having to polish every single piece if I didn't have to. As that is a 3 step process on every metal bit.

With cloth polishing wheels on my dremel, and flex shaft. (one gets hot I switch so that it appears I am making progress) I use the black compound to get rid of the carbon, scale, and deep scratches. White compound to smooth out the cutting of the black, and is the next step to polishing. The final is the green compound which gets rid of most small scratches and polishes it, then wipe it with a flannel cloth, and good as new.

It is shiny and smooth as a babes bum, mostly. Any I find with excess grooves from the rust taking a munch, I add back to the cleanup line.

My though is, there has to be a better way, but hope is a stern, taxing mistress.
Apr 11, 2012 11:31:07   #
I don't do machine knitting and clicked on this accidentally. You have sure been through it with this food poisoning. Three days with no that is real torture. I went on to read about the machine knitting and wow. That is sure a lot of work. Think I will stick with needles, but I'm sure you do some fantastic knitting and I admire you. Hope you find out a better way.........and look forward to seeing some photos of your projects. Wishes across the miles for your returning good health.
Apr 11, 2012 11:55:46   #
Why Thank you,

It has been no fun. I am accustomed to being busy, so the weakness has been chaffing. Though I did catch up on a lot of sleep.

I hand knit and machine knit. I am allowed small light project in the first, and only limited to the machine width in the other. though i did just discover portuguese knitting, so I am hoping that it will allow me to hand knit more effectively with less stress.

I do have some projects posted on my blog, but I do have a habit of setting that thing on the back burner when life gets busy, or me sick.

LOL in fact I caught a delirious post I made on my first day of getting sick. I deleted it yesterday. I could not understand what the &*(# I was talking about.
Apr 12, 2012 10:03:50   #
I need to deep clean my Passap E6000. Wonder what it would cost to get new needles and pushers?
Apr 12, 2012 10:22:39   #
Gee, I didn't ever need to do that. I used to have a Passap E6000 but I really didn't use it all that much (long story with moving) and then I gave it away some time later. (It was to a charity so I felt good about it). Those are such awesome machines.
Apr 21, 2012 09:38:38   #
I have just done a dep clean on my E6000, and used nothing more than Surgicla Spirit and Belodor oil, with a couple of drops of light silicone oil for good measure - needles and pushers all came up a treat just swishing them in the mixture in a jar and leaving them in it for about 30 mins, swishing them round occaisionally.
Mine looks as good as new now - and beleive me - I don't do elbow grease as I have Fibromyalgia so it has to be easy for me to do!
Machine Knitting
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