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May 18, 2012 00:33:11   #
Tonight I earned the Tink(er) Expert Badge. No further explaination needed -LOL. Even so still needed to frog 14 rows as I found an earlier mistake. Thank goodness for the tip this week regarding using an extra #1 needle as a lifeline. At first I wasn't sure I liked using the #1 as it seemed to be in the way but when I needed to pick up the stitches, it was so easy it was almost fun -- ha ha. Don' recall who gave that tip but a big thanks to you. I can' tell you how much I' ve learned here.
May 18, 2012 02:28:45   #
scottybearNSW (a regular here)
Glad you were able to pick up the stitches without any bother. There is always somebody ready to give helpful hints on this forum.
May 19, 2012 08:09:21   #
I missed that tip. I use life lines and definitely will use a #1 circular needle as my life line.
May 19, 2012 08:23:39   #
I shall defintely be on the hunt for a #1 circular. I am about to start on a lace pattern and was very worried about that life line stuff. I like that idea !! Thank you.
May 19, 2012 09:17:36   #
I agree I have learned a lot here also. I have a dear friend who insisted on every other row stopping and taking a check on all her stitches making sure it all looks proper..that will stop the ripping out rows and rows of work. Good idea but I have to admit..Im not real good at doing that. Every time I have to rip out I think of her, "Should have listened to Betty" the speed I got from just knitting was lost in ripping out....:0)
May 19, 2012 11:47:14   #
well that would be the only thing my #1 bamboo circular would be good for... I love the idea of having it but so afraid it would break if I really needed to knit with it. this is up there with one of the greatest ideas I've seen.. I love all the valuable information we get here.
May 20, 2012 00:09:26   #
That's the best idea I've seen lately!
May 20, 2012 17:52:56   #
I was finishing up a family of knit snowmen and was using dp bamboo I found on line. I was down to the number two to adjust the pattern and was sure the were going to snap; the #1's look even more fragile. They gave a bit but did not break unlike the cubic cable needles I got and loved. A size six just snapped right off. But I like the way the bamboo does not slip off the stitches.
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