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Knitting in WWII
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Jun 5, 2012 09:29:16   #
mavisb wrote:
In England we didn't have girl scouts. We had boy scouts, brownies, girl guides, and girls life brigade. I belonged to the latter. The children in England were sent to the country where the bombs weren't falling to keep them safe. My mum worked in a factory to help the war effort. During the war my Mum insisted her neighbour join them in the air raid shelter not far from their homes. This lady had a baby so she went to the shelter only to find her home was flattened. My nans wall was blown out by a bomb. The rest of the street, next door down were demolished by the bombs. My mum was not taught by her mother to knit, my nan only knit socks.
In England we didn't have girl scouts. We had boy ... (show quote)

I have been on holiday in Greece & have only just got around to working my way through all the KP posts I missed while I was away, so I'm a bit late in following this up. I too had been in the Girl's Life Brigade but, until now, have never met or heard of anyone else who was. Everyone I knew was in the Girl Guides. Born in 1950, I obviously missed the war but clearly remember much bomb damage years later & playing on bomb sites.My sister & myself belonged to GLB in the late 50's, early 60's. I have a photo of the two of us proudly wearing our uniforms, probably just about to set off for Sunday morning church parade ( which I didn't like very much!! ) Navy blue serge I think, with red detail & black plimsolls with red laces & that awful beret that never looked quite right on me!!

It brought back many nostalgic memories of what seems like a bygone age &, in truth, I am talking about half a century ago. Do you remember the aims & principles of the GLB & how it differed from the Girl Guides? I think it must have had a more Christian slant but really have no idea why I was in it.

Good to hear from someone the other side of the world, who also belonged to this long forgotten organisation.
Jun 5, 2012 09:44:28   #
Nana Ivie
Yes, I too, learned to knit as a Girl Scout during WWII. Also collected tin cans on Saturday mornings before we weeded our little Victory Garden.

Still knit, garden and smash tin cans to recycle. Hope both young girls & boys will have the same memories as I do seventy years from now.
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