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Can you tell me......
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Jul 1, 2012 23:33:55   #
I am one of those folks who cannot afford to spend a lot of money per skein of yarn, as in all that good stuff I'd love to buy from a good yarn shop. So...that being said, can you tell me which of the cheaper yarns from places like Walmart stand up well? What do the others of you like best to use? Right now I'm thinking about baby things, scarves, etc. Thanks for the shove in the right direction.
Jul 1, 2012 23:39:41   #
What is your dollar amount that you like to stay within?
Jul 1, 2012 23:44:00   #
I haven't given that much thought, I guess. But in looking at some of the yarns on the net, I know I can't afford $11.00 per skein for anything big. $3,$4,$5. Maybe? I hate to use cheap yarn when I put in all the work but it seems to me there has to be something out there that would hold up well, behave well, etc.

Tell my what you use. And, Thank You.
Jul 2, 2012 00:04:53   #
The reason I'm asking you, is because I found that by buying on line I can get better deals on yarns. There are several places to try and if you search this issue, I think you'll find a ton of info on who buys what yarn and where. I don't like to spend too much either, but I want the yarn to feel good, and hold up when the project is done.
Recently I've used the Deborah Norville Everyday soft anti-pilling yarn. I know you can get it in the stores, but on-line it was cheaper and I could get enough in one dye lot. Plus, when you order enough you can sometimes get free shipping. I don't remember who I got the yarn from, but it was easy to find when I googled this yarn. Also, I ordered a sweater kit from KnitPicks and the cost of 100% wool was less then $3 for a 50grm ball.
The advice I got when I asked this question was quite varied, but it boils down to what you think is inexpensive, what are you making, that determines what fiber you want to work with because of washing instructions. (I would never give a wool sweater to a baby, not knowing if the mother would appreciate having to hand wash and then block it.)
I know this doesn't help much, but I can tell you that I don't like Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Yarn". It was fuzzy and pilling before I even finished the project. I am liking the anti pilling yarn, but haven't finished or washed the project yet.
Jul 2, 2012 00:19:27   #
Thank you so much. That helps me alot. I will certainly go looking for that one. It sounds really good.

Have you happened to use any Patton, or Lion's Vanna White? I'm wondering how those hold up as well. I've seen those listed and wondered about them.
Jul 2, 2012 00:26:13   #
I really like Carons Simply Soft, we use it in my knitting group for prayer shawls. It does however sometimes have problems splitting. For baby yarn I really like Bernats Softee Baby. Both are available at Walmart here in OK and are fairly affordable.
Jul 2, 2012 00:27:39   #
Wow, I did just go looking for the Norvelle yarn and the prices look really good. Also found some on I will give that a try. You are right about a new mother not wanting to mess with wool, and some people are allergic to wool so something else is better.

Thank you again.

Jul 2, 2012 00:30:19   #
Thank you, too, OK. I'll check that out as well.

Jul 2, 2012 00:34:16   #
Maddi, you are more than welcome. I know you'll be receiving a lot of advice on this one. But I'm glad I could help you in some way.
Jul 2, 2012 00:37:05   #
I have used various Patons yarns over the years and been happy. Canadiana is my go to yarn for kids clothes and I use Decor(25% wool/75% acrylic) for both children and adult things.
Jul 2, 2012 00:37:57   #
Thanks agin, so much. I will be interested to know how your project turns out, how well it washes, etc. when you have opportunity to find out.

Jul 2, 2012 00:44:30   #
Linday, I'm supposing Canadiana is a Canadian brand? How does the wool in it act when washed? Do you happen to know that? Is it available in the US? Online?


P.S. I just discovered that Canadiana is a Paton brand yarn.....duh! Thanks, I will check it out.
Jul 2, 2012 01:04:36   #
nanma esther
maddi i buy yarn from ebay, i get very good yarn at reasonal prices, you have to look,shop, because you cnd find 2 ball of yarn at price but if you look sometimes you can get 4 for price,there many stores on ebay, got some from from turkey, loved it, got some paru its alpalca bleand good price ,and china has good yarn too, i figure the cost per skin or ball by how many there is plus shipping to see if it is cost efective,i also use red heart and lion for things like afagans
Jul 2, 2012 01:17:29   #
Thank you NanMa, I'll go shopping there as well. I sure appreciate all of the suggestions. How do you like working with the Alpaca yarn? Is it all wool?

Jul 2, 2012 01:31:26   #
ChasingRainbows (a regular here)
If you're looking to make a baby blanket that has to withstand a lot of washings, Red Heart is just about indestructible. I know a lot of people don't like it, but I belong to a charity group and they prefer it - both because it's inexpensive, but also because it wears forever. Once the item has been washed and dried, it becomes very soft.

Actually, my SIL made several afghans with Red Heart yarn I gave her 30 years ago that she still has. One year, she entered a boy's sweater at the County Fair and one first prize. That sweater was made with Red Heart Super Saver yarn, and her grandson had worn it for a couple of years before she one the prize. It still looked brand new.

On the other hand, I've also used Caron Simply Soft and I don't like it. To me, it's like knitting with string. I've made chemo caps with it, and it has no elasticity, even when using a rib stitch. When it's been washed and dried, it becomes limp and shapeless.
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