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  1. Knitting and Crochet Pictures
    It was fun testing this very pretty, feminine cardigan from Cristina Ghirlanda (Minimi on Ravelry) of Toscany, Italy. I love her comfy, modern styling. This was a Christmas gift for my 22-year-old niece. However, I'm modeling for the required test photos. The buttons are antique - ones I've...
  2. Knitting and Crochet Pictures
    Long story short (long version at link) - after much frogging and re-knitting, and eventually chucking the written pattern in favor of my own seat-of-the-pants design, I've finished. It is exactly what the kid wanted: oversize, boxy body, extremely full arms tapering to a specified length...
  3. Top Down Basic Baby Cardigan

    I have the original version of this pattern which only offered newborn to 6 months size. However, you can easily make this larger by using heavier yarn and/or larger size needles as I did. Although the yarn I used is classified as "fingering" weight, it's bordering sport weight. I did not...
  4. Short Sleeve Lace & Cable Raglan (K)

    Short Sleeve Lace & Cable Raglan (K)
  5. Knitting and Crochet Pictures
    I made this for an upcoming baby shower along with a sweater in matching yarn for the mom-to-be. The pattern is very well written and super easy to knit. It's specifically written for beginning knitters with explicit instructions that are usually left out for more advanced knitters. However...
  6. IMG_20220405_121759268.jpg

    What a wee cutie!
1-7 of 7 Results
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