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    Hi, thanks for your help. I'm a self taught knitter. I enjoy knitting socks, and have recently been wondering if I've been knitting my socks too tight. They fit fine and feel comfortable, but they stretch out quite a bit to fit on my feet. I am happy with how they fit and feel, but am wondering...
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    I'm tired of making my socks too short. I only knit toe-up and can't seem to figure out the correct point at which to start the short rows for the heels. When I used heavier weight yarn (DK to bulky), it always saved about 2" for the short rows. Now I've been using a fine fingering weight and...
  3. Circular Sock Machines
    Next sock machine clinic is Oct 8th at Heritage Spinning and Weaving in Lake Orion, Michigan. Get your appt today to get your sock machine up and running.
1-3 of 3 Results
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