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10 year old still sleeps with mom?

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I just learned that my sister still has her 10 year old sleep with her. She said he is scared? and she cuts up his watermelon and takes the rind off?
Is this normal?
Dad has been out of equation for about 6 months.
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diana1960 said:
what do you mean. 'what did my mother do to us'?
I certainly don't understand that comment.Please elaborate
I'm thinking the question is valid, the writer was only asking if you and your siblings were allowed to share the bed with your parents, from time to time.

In my family, when we were young, Saturday mornings were "jump in bed with M&D time". We talked about our week, what our plans were for the day, and it was about the only time during the week that the four wee ones were quiet and listened to the others! lol

Children express themselves using words that have meaning for them. The word "scared" could mean many, many things ... concern for his Mom being alone, .... scared can show compassion.

You sound really upset and perhaps a little scared yourself about the choices your sister is making. Perhaps you would find it helpful to discuss your concerns with a professional, and maybe even a teacher of 10 year olds to learn what behaviours are considered normal for that age, and perhaps in a similar familial situation.

I'm glad that you turned to your KP friends, and there are many of us, with many perspectives and experiences, to bounce things off of. You know we 'have your back' and that you are part of a very large extended family.
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We all bring our own histories to our thoughts on the original question.

The more I read and learn, the less I (hope) I am judgemental of the behaviour of others. I read someplace the other day "If you worry about what others thing - don't do it"

I am going to pray that whatever the decisions are for the children involved in less than perfect situations - no matter what family, country, age, colour, race or creed - are watched over by earth angels and come to no harm, and that they have the benefit of understanding, loving and caring teachers to help guide them into clarity of thought as they mature to adulthood.

Bless them, every one!
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